My beloved River Island purse has officially fallen apart. It started falling apart in July but I just didn’t want to let it go so I carried on right through to the bitter end, but now it really needs replacing as the contents are flailing around in my bag. My problem is that I am so fussy about my purse and its layout, so I’ve been struggling to find something suitable for my needs. Why is it so hard to find something pretty yet practical? I was hoping that River Island would have a similar style in stock but alas there were none so instead I’m going to have to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.

Top of the running for me at the moment is number 8, it’s a beautiful rosy colour and I think the compartments would help me stay organised (for a while at least) however I wish I could see it in person first before ordering it, the downfall of e-commerce. It might just be a case of ordering when pay day comes around and returning if I don’t like it!

Which is your favourite?