FASHION: Thomas Sabo at Joshua James

Thomas Sabo rose gold charm necklace
Thomas Sabo rose gold charm necklace
Rose gold chain, charm carrier & four leaf clover charm* – Thomas Sabo via Joshua James

Back when I was in school charm bracelets were all the rage, nearly everyone had a Links Sweetie, Pandora or Thomas Sabo charm collection jingling on their arm. For my 15th birthday my lovely friends all chipped in and bought me the cutest little charm bracelet with a beautiful silver cat charm (obviously) and I wore it to death, then one Christmas I also got a beautiful pearl charm bracelet with yet another cat charm which I also adored. Since then, Thomas Sabo had kind of disappeared off of my jewellery radar as I tended to turn to statement costume jewellery instead of special pieces with a bit more meaning.

Fast forward a few years, add in an obsession with rose gold, and here we are with this beauty from Joshua James. I forgot just how beautiful Thomas Sabo pieces were and this hasn’t left my neck since I opened the box. I love how elegant and understated it is, it’s perfect to wear every single day and works perfectly with my rose gold initial necklace that I got for my birthday. I was a bit worried that the charm carrier would be really bulky but it is in fact perfectly dainty and helps to draw the focus to the charm. Seeing as four leaf clovers are a symbol of luck I knew it would be the perfect choice, I need all the luck I can get this year when it comes to university!

I’m already planning what charm to add to my necklace next, I’d love a rose gold initial but for some reason I can’t find a C?! It’s probably best for my bank balance that I’m not seeing one just now, or else it would be winging it’s way to my flat ASAP! I love how versatile the Thomas Sabo charm ranges are as the charms are actually so easy to interchange, with others I found it to be a bit of a hassle if I wanted to switch them up but the lobster clasps makes it fuss free.

With Christmas just around the corner I think that a little treat from Thomas Sabo would be the perfect gift for someone special, jewellery is a bit of a fail-safe idea but at least with the charm options available it allows you to personalise your gift so that it shows how much thought you’ve put in to it! I absolutely adore this cat and mouse charm, which is totally predictable of me but I don’t even care. Plus, if you spend over £75 you’ll get a free jewellery box which is a fantastic extra as well as making sure there’s a safe place to keep it in!

Do you have any jewellery that means a lot to you?