TECHNOLOGY: Protecting your tech

Samsung M3 1TB USB 3.0 slimline portable hard drive* – available on Amazon

I am so incredibly clumsy you wouldn’t believe. Once, I dropped my phone in a snowy park on the way home from school and didn’t realise until a very kind lady phoned my mum to say she had found it. Despite being left in the freezing cold snow overnight it somehow still worked, but not for much longer. Technology rarely lasts with me (mostly down to overuse and/or dropping things) and despite having become considerably more responsible with my gadgets in the past few years I still like to make sure I have a decent plan in place should the worst actually happen. It’s an absolute miracle that I’ve had an iPhone for nearly two years and haven’t cracked the screen yet.

Something I think is incredibly important is insurance. My mum and dad have both worked in insurance at some point and when I first moved out last year they were sure to push me to insure my stuff. If it wasn’t for insurance my car would have a massive dent in it, I probably wouldn’t have a phone and god knows what state my laptop would be in. Covering your gadgets through a provider such as Insurance2Go ensures that should the worst scenario happen (dropping your phone in your drink is an entirely possible situation) someone has your back.

One of my more recent technology disasters happened when I was working on an absolutely gigantic piece of coursework a week or so before submission. I was doing well, ahead of the schedule I had set myself, and then my computer crashed. I had saved recently, but the file on my computer had corrupted and I didn’t have a back up. Cue tears. Lots of tears. Now I back up everywhere – my laptop, USB stick, shared portable hard drive at home and two cloud drives. My newest gadget is this nifty little Samsung M3 slimline hard drive* with 1TB of memory, it’s so light and compact that it’s perfect to carry in my bag to university for that extra level of security. Plus, it’s a good place to keep all of my many episodes of House for easy viewing no matter where I am. Priorities.

There are some really simple things that make a massive difference when protecting your gadgets from harm, common sense for one! I used to carry my camera everywhere with me until one day I very nearly dropped it in a puddle, now I only carry it when I know I’ll need it which may result in a missed photo opportunity or two but saves me from having to replace my kit. Other little things such as screen protectors and protective cases are great purchases that aren’t all that expensive. Definitely worth the few extra pennies in the grand scheme of things!

Have you ever totally destroyed one of your beloved gadgets? Smashed screens, spilt drinks… I want to hear it all!

Disclaimer: Insurance2Go compensated me with the hard drive and 1 year’s Kaspersky anti-virus in return for this post. This doesn’t impact my views and all words & thoughts are my own. INSURANCE IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE!