OUTFIT: People fall in love in mysterious ways

Top – Clothes Show (similar on eBay here)
Skirt – River Island (old)
Boots – New Look
Necklace – gift (similar here & here)
I feel like I wear this skirt all the time but luckily I’ve only actually posted about it once so I can hide my outfit repeating ways for now… For some reason I’ve got a bit of a thing for clothing that references pop culture at the moment. I don’t want to spoil some of my upcoming posts but I feel like the intertextuality adds something a bit more interesting to an outfit than some random word on a t-shirt would. You can tell I have actually been paying attention in my fashion communication lectures for a change! On the topic of Mean Girls, did you see this reunion shoot for Entertainment Weekly? So awesome.
One of the biggest pieces of coursework I have this year is a fashion magazine (that actually gets printed next year, v. exciting) and yesterday was the day of my group’s big photoshoot. We worked with a really lovely photographer from the local college as well as fantastic model and despite the elements being slightly against us I think we ended up with some amazing shots. I’m really excited about it all and can’t wait to see the finished product!
Deadlines are really creeping up on me right now so I’m starting to feel the pressure, but I’m not feeling overly stressed yet. Luckily part of my coursework involves blog posts, so I’ve still been able to keep up with it all and not feel like I’m totally abandoning my degree (or blog for that matter). I’m not sure why but I just feel really excited about the potential opportunities my blog and my course brings at the moment, there’s nothing in particular that’s really made me feel this way but I’m just in a pretty happy place!