TUESDAY TEN: Party Dresses

1234 5
6 – 7 – 89 – 10

With Christmas fast approaching it’s difficult to avoid the influx of sparkly party wear in every shop window. I do love a pretty dress, but I don’t really like spending money so I like my dresses to be versatile and comfortable. This year I fancy something that is sparkly and festive but not too over the top which could prove to be difficult! As much as I would love a sequin dress like number 2 I don’t feel like it’s the most adaptable piece.

Christmas Dinner leaves no room for bodycon, but some of my favourite dresses that I’ve found this year (such as 5 & 6) unfortunately are. I think 6 could possibly be sized up but I’m not sure that would work quite so well for 5. If we’re following this method that could also rule out dresses with cut out stomachs too… or I could just power through regardless. Food over fashion, always.

Which is your favourite from this week’s ten?