TUESDAY TEN: Christmas Jumpers


Continuing with the kind of unintentional Christmas themed Tuesday Tens, this week it’s time to share the cutest knitwear to cuddle up in. With Christmas jumpers I love something funny (or punny) but can’t resist adorable animals – anything with a penguin on and it’s on my wish list. I think I might get number 8 for the Christmas Jumper Day in work and use my staff discount as it’s really cute without being overly garish.

Some of the best jumpers I’ve seen this year have been in reference to some of my favourite films like Elf (3, 7) and Home Alone. I really really really want the Mean Girls Glen Coco jumper (6) but I wish it had more candy canes! Mean Girls is actually one of my favourite things to watch at this time of year purely because of the Jingle Bell Rock scene. I may or may not attempt the dance sometimes too. Sometimes.