Every Christmas or birthday without fail I get some sort of cat related gift or card, and I totally love it. One of the best trends to trickle up to the high street recently is the open acceptance of being a crazy cat lady and so I’ve been able to find an abundance of suitable gifts in order to allow me to publicly declare my love for all things feline. Some are a bit garish (that clutch for example) but they’re all just plain awesome. Fancy treating your favourite cat lady, crazy or not? Here are a few ideas:

Cat lady acrylic necklace – £16 from Not On The High Street
At the moment there are some pretty amazing pieces of acrylic jewellery out there but this necklace has to be one of my favourites. It’s not too ridiculous but still a super cute piece of jewellery. Other equally pretty pieces include this dainty little charm necklace and this geometric number.

All I Care About Is Cats… t-shirt – £18.52 from Look Human
If you add food in to this list it would be absolutely perfect for me. Even though they may steal your food and cover your clothes in fur cats don’t judge (at least not vocally), laugh when you fall over or make sarcastic comments. Cats over most people any day!

Cat Ears ring – £5 from Claire’s (pack of 3)
Not only are these rings adorable, they’re also from the Katy Perry collection at Claire’s. That hits two birds with one stone for me! This would totally double up as a tool for prodding people who annoy you or pull your cat’s tail, so really you don’t even need to think about it. Plus the little sparkly ears are cute.

Furry Cat Clutch – £19.99 from New Look
Okay. This is totally over the top and kind of tacky in a beautiful way BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It’s on the edge of being creepy, I’m not entirely keen on the eyes but I think it would make such a cute gift for a cat loving pal. Imagine taking this on a night out? Amazing. Plus it has a tail! And it comes in black for a slightly more subtle approach…

Nyan Cat mug – £6.99 from eBay
Ever since I set eyes on this mug I have had that stupid song in my head. You know the one. There are so many amazing cat themed mugs out there but as someone who had Nyan Cat on for god only knows how many hours I find this to be a fantastic bit of geekery. For a slightly less rainbow affair you could also have Grumpy Cat drinking a Starbucks or this cute little cup – those whiskers!

Grumpy Cat leggings – £24.99 from Truffle Shuffle
Personally, I truly believe that Grumpy Cat is my spirit animal. And just downright hilarious. If I’m honest I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear these out of the house but they would be the ideal attire for a lazy day in the house, if only they weren’t black so that they wouldn’t end up noticeably covered in ginger fur! If Grumpy Cat is your spirit animal too why not go for this amazing cushion cover or my absolute favourite Christmas jumper ever?

Don’t forget your feline friends too! How about this fetching bow tie, or even better a fancy schmancy hat to wear for Christmas dinner?