book lover christmas gift ideas

As 2015 is looming I’ve been reading like crazy to try and beat my Goodreads challenge for 2014. I’m nearly finished so I’m sure I’ll manage, but the sudden burst of reading has really reignited my love of books and so a gift guide for all of those Bookish Babes in your life felt like a very good idea. I tried to avoid being too specific with the books as not everyone will have the same taste as me, but you’d be amazed at the kind of stuff you can find on Etsy – I’m obsessed with this Redrum mug from The Shining.

The Book Was Better t-shirt – £6.99 from Etsy
More often than not the book was better – so this t-shirt is purely factual. For £6.99 I think this is a total bargain and I’m really tempted just to order one for myself to wear to the cinema. It frustrates me to no end when people claim they absolutely love a film series but haven’t even heard of the books! This would basically be like an act of kindness – more people need to know about the wonder of books.

I Like Big Books mug decal – £1.47 from Etsy
Curling up with a big cup of tea and a book is one of my favourite things to do. There’s something so comforting and cosy about losing yourself in a book whilst sipping on a warm drink! I know I’m not the only one who feels this way so adorning your favourite mug with this cute little decal would be a great way to declare your love for the written word. It’s stupidly cheap and with a cheap cute mug from the likes of the pound shop it would make an excellent gift for very few pennies. If you’d rather something ready made, why not try this one?

Read More Books brooch – £7.00 from Etsy
This is adorable, end of. Okay not end of, but seriously the cuteness alone should be enough to encourage your mouse over to the “add to basket” button. I don’t really own any brooches as I never know when to wear them, but this would look great pinned on a bag or even a Kindle case.

Alice in Wonderland poster – £23.00 from The Literary Gift Company
The idea of having an entire book on one poster amazes me, and whilst this is expensive I think it would be such a thoughtful gift. The Literary Gift Company have a few pre-made ones, or you could order a custom print from Not On The High Street here. I think having someone’s favourite book made in to one gorgeous print shows that you care about the books they usually have their nose buried in. I would definitely struggle to choose just one book!

Book Journal – £10.00 from Paperchase
Despite Goodreads pretty much taking over when it comes keeping track of what books you’ve read, the idea of having a physical written copy of my read list just makes me happy. It’s a lot more personal than posting on a website which is why I think it makes a fantastic gift idea for the book lover in your life.

Cushion cover – £15.00 from The Literary Gift Company
The day I have the perfect reading nook will be a very happy day indeed, and this cushion cover will definitely be in there. I wholeheartedly agree that paradise would probably look very much like a library (but with cats) and most book lovers would too.

Are there any bookish buys on your Christmas list this year?