BEAUTY: Skincare from The Body Shop

Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion – £9 from The Body Shop
Vitamin E Moisture Serum – £12 from The Body Shop

Recently I haven’t been able to get enough of The Body Shop’s skincare, it’s working some serious wonders for me. I’ve publicly declared my love for the Vitamin E range before so when I was after a new serum it was my first port of call. I was also looking for a new moisturiser and ended up with this Blemish Fade night lotion from the Tea Tree range which I wouldn’t normally go for.

The Vitamin E Moisture Serum is my first ever serum skincare product and I’m kicking myself for not jumping on that band wagon sooner. I had imagined serums to be overly oily and not something that I’d need but this little tube has shown me the error of my ways. This is a pre-moisturiser treatment for both day and night that aids hydration as well as providing some of those lovely antioxidants that I look for in my skincare. One small pump provides plenty of product for my whole face which when applied before my moisturiser leaves me with beautifully soft and plump skin. It’s a whole new level of hydration.

As I said before the Tea Tree Blemish Fade night lotion wouldn’t be my usual choice as my skin doesn’t usually like Tea Tree too much but as I’ve been struggling with a bit of scarring I thought it would be worth a shot. I’m not too sure how I feel about this yet as I’ve not noticed any massive difference, especially on my chin where the majority of my scarring is. It does make a bit of a difference on emerging blemishes which seem to shrink overnight but this does irritate my skin slightly which puts me off using it. It’s nowhere near as bad as other tea tree products have been for me however it is not the most comfortable experience. I’m persevering for now but if I don’t see any results within the next few weeks I think I’ll be on the hunt for something new.

Have you tried either of these? If so, what did you think? If you have any recommendations of products to help fade my scarring they would be very much appreciated!