CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Boss Ass Bloggers & Social Media Mavens

I’ve probably mentioned before that I love a bit of pop culture, especially when it comes to buying gifts. At the moment I would definitely consider the social media storm to be pop culture, and it would appear that the high street agrees with the influx of hashtagged clothing, social media themed home decor and some amazingly handy gadgets – selfie stick anyone? Here are a few of my picks for the beautiful bloggers in your life:

Acrylic hashtag necklace – £9.39 from Plastique
I actually think this necklace is pretty adorable, I love the gold finish and it seems like a slightly more subtle way to show your love for the world of Twitter than say…. this top. I also think this dainty “@” necklace is super cute too, or why not go the whole hog and make sure everyone knows exactly where to find you with this personalised Twitter username necklace?

Instagram pillow – £23.09 from Etsy
How cute would this look on Instagram? Instagram-ception… I absolutely love a filter or two and think this little pillow would be such a great gift idea for the selfie sharer in your life. If Instagram isn’t their thing why not go for the Facebook like or Tumblr instead? There’s even Pinterest too, but make sure it fits in with your perfectly pinnable white floorboards and monochrome colour scheme…

Blogger pencils – £3.50 from La La Land
Okay, I know that my blog would be nothing if it wasn’t for a good ol’ to do list – and what better thing to scribble my notes with than these amazing pencils?! If there’s a blogger in your life who is as reliant on note-taking as I am then these are a total no brainer. Everyone needs to know how much of a big deal I am on my blog…

I’m a Blogger top – £15.02 from Look Human
If you want everyone to know just how fabulous you and your internet space are then this is the top for you. It comes in a variety of colours like the classic red & white and Look Human also have loads of other awesome blogging-related goodness. I particularly love their extensive pop culture range – I would love this Doge blanket. Such comfort. If sassy tees are your thing then I also love this one, I just wish it was true for me.

Go Away I’m Blogging mug – £9.95 from The Literary Gift Company
I actually got this mug for my birthday and it is the best thing ever. It’s the first thing I reach for if I’m making a cup of tea (it breaks my Cath Kidston collection’s heart) and I swear hot beverages taste much better from this. If you’re hard at work or hardly working then make sure no one disturbs you by always having this awesome mug on hand! Tweeting more your thing? Then there’s the perfect mug for you too.

Fisheye, macro & wide angle mobile lenses – £5.39 from Amazon
Okay this would be a great gift for any photography buff. I for one am pretty happy with the iPhone camera but it seriously sucks for close ups. I hate when I see the perfect photo opportunity but don’t have my camera on me so this nifty set of lenses would be fantastic for on-the-go snapping (and uploading to Instagram!). They’re not just for iPhone so never fear – your Android or other brand can have snazzy fisheye shots too!

What are you getting the blogger in your life this Christmas? Or are you just going to treat yourself instead? I’m totally tempted…