It’s November, Halloween and Bonfire Night have been and gone so it’s officially time to go Christmas crazy. I was going to go for the conventional gift guides this year – “for her”, “for him” etc – but instead decided to go for a few more specialist guides instead. First up, a few things that you might want to treat your partner in crime to.

Partners In Crime necklace – £19.25 from Etsy
Back in the day I used to buy quite a few BFF necklaces from Kylie at M&Co however they were all beautifully tacky. Personally, I still think they’re really cute gifts and it would probably make my life if I was given one! There are a variety of necklaces out there, such as these cute pizza slices, but I think this one is absolutely adorable for you and your go to partner for adventures.

You’re My Favourite Bitch mug – £9.03 from Etsy
You can’t beat a mug. Who doesn’t love a mug? Even better if said mug has a sassy phrase on it for all to see. I also love this Mean Girls mug and this expletive declaration of love too. Drink your tea, wine or other beverage of choice from something that really shows off how much of a boss you are.

What Would Blair Waldorf Do? digital print – £2.81 from Etsy
If there’s one thing that my friends and I love it’s Gossip Girl, so the second I spied this it was a no brainer. If you want something done, Queen B is your girl. I would love to have this print above my desk as a little motivational reminder that hard work (and sometimes devious planning) pays off. Another print that I love is this one from Not On The High Street, moving away from home showed me which friendships really mattered so this quote speaks to me a fair amount.

Benedict Cumberbatch hair bow – £12 from La La Land
If there’s one thing many girls love, it’s collages of gorgeous men. Although I haven’t yet found the perfect t-shirt plastered with Hugh Laurie’s face (I do have a phone case!) La La Land have a great selection of other beautiful people such as Mr. Cumberbatch, such a pity that he’s now engaged… If Benedict isn’t your besties’ thing then they also have Ryan Gosling, Tom Hiddleston, Johnny Depp and more.

New Girl pencils – £3.50 from Etsy
Another television favourite within my circle of friends is New Girl, I don’t think a conversation passes without a quote, and seeing as we’re all top students (obviously) then these pencils will be perfect to take down notes, doodle and other important things like that. If you’d rather something a little less whimsical than Jess Day’s life mantra’s then why not try Elf, Harry Potter or Mean Girls?

Best Bitches t-shirts – £8.33 each from Etsy
Whenever I am asked my most embarrassing fashion moment one specific day automatically springs to mind. Let’s set the scene – primary school, casual Friday, me and my two best friends and three matching t-shirts. We thought we were the coolest people out there, but in reality we really really weren’t. However, these t-shirts are probably a bit more acceptable than our glittery pink “Am I Bothered?” affairs.