BEAUTY: Supercat Liquid Eyeliner by Soap and Glory

Supercat Liquid Eyeliner by Soap & Glory – £6.00 at Boots
(bought via Cohorted)

Back in June I thought I had found liner love with Eyeko’s Skinny Liner pen, however it was a short lived affair and I was soon looking for the next love of my life. When having a look on Cohorted one night I noticed that one of the offers was for Supercat – a Soap & Glory liner with decent reviews. I jumped on the bandwagon straight away and I am so very glad I did.

One month on our love is still going strong and it’s no surprise considering how great the quality of this liner really is. Recently I decided to try out some more of the cosmetics on offer from Soap & Glory and as of yet I have not been disappointed.

Supercat is beautifully easy to use, with a tapered nib that allows for precise or thick application. It doesn’t feather or smudge, it’s blacker than black and it stays put on my eyes all day long. For a while I was a bit put off this pen style of liner but it’s definitely going to be staying in my arsenal for a long time to come. I’d maybe go as far as to say that Supercat is my all time favourite liner. Maybe.

If you – like me – have fallen out of love with your current liner then I would wholeheartedly recommend that you give Supercat a go. My wings have never been so even.

Do you have any other favourites from Soap & Glory’s cosmetics? I really want to try some of their highlighting powders!