OUTFIT: Magic, madness, heaven, sin

Jumper – George
Skirt – River Island
Shoes – eBay
Necklace – Primark

I’m going to take the fact that I live in Scotland as the perfect justification to talk about the weather a lot. So, how cold is it?! I know that it’s pretty much winter now but I feel like the temperature has just plummeted over the past few days. It’s showing me just how unprepared I am when it comes to cold weather… Which is a bit silly considering the typical Scottish weather. Luckily I have this gorgeous jumper that I just couldn’t resist, it’s so cosy and I love the colour. I borrowed the skirt & shoes from my flatmate Eilidh, I love this style of skirt but the faux leather gets sooooo warm which isn’t always a bad thing.

Oh – Happy Halloween! I keep forgetting about Halloween because I’m not really doing anything special for it. I’m not even sure if I’m dressing up for work any more, but at least I’ll have a costume sorted well in advance for Halloween next year anyway!

At the moment I’m just trying to get some university work out of the way, but it’s proving a bit difficult when I don’t really have a clue what it’s all about. Logistics is possibly my least favourite subject at the moment which is also the subject that’s causing me the most stress too! I’m finding my other two modules okay, fashion communication is quite interesting as it’s a field I’d possibly consider but it’s a lot to learn.

Tomorrow night I’m off to see The Courteeners in Glasgow, I’ve had to miss their last few gigs so I’m really glad I can finally make one! I did get to see them again during the summer when they supported The Killers but a support set just isn’t the same as a full gig. After that I don’t really have any gigs planned in the near future which is a shame, I am going to see Kevin Bridges and Michael McIntyre towards the end of 2015, but at the moment I’m saving all of my money for that mythical S Club 7 reunion that I’m still praying will happen. Ain’t no party like an S Club party!