OUTFIT: I’m over the rush, I’m divided and lost

Top – H&M, Skirt – River Island, Boots – New Look  

It’s another dreary Monday here, to the point where cosy tights are becoming a necessity instead of a comfort choice. I hate how raggedy they get after a couple of washes so I think I’ll have to go and stock up on a few pairs from Primark sometime soon. I surprisingly haven’t been in Primark all that much lately and when I have been in I’ve not really seen anything that I like, which is good for my bank account but I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

This week should hopefully be the week where my internet finally gets installed but based on the experience of the past six weeks I’m trying not to get my hopes up. Fingers crossed though! Once that’s installed I think I’ll finally feel completely settled and I can get back to my usual routine of binge watching series on Netflix. I’ve been planning an entire re-watch of Gossip Girl (I blame Blake Lively and her adorable baby bump) so I can’t wait to get that started.

On Thursday (and Saturday) I’m off to see Twin Atlantic for the fifth and sixth time which I’m pretty damn excited about. They’re one of my favourite bands and they always put on a great show, plus Thursday will be my first actual gig in Aberdeen too. It’ll be strange to see how it compares to the Glasgow gig circuit – we do have a bit of a reputation for loving a bit of live music.

Finally, I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate the blog posts that are required for my course work in to this blog. I can’t decide if I should just start a little side blog purely for those posts or if I should just take a ten day slot in a month or so and get them all done and dusted. They might be a tad different to my usual style of post which is what is making me unsure, but do you think you’d like to see that? I’m struggling to make the choice alone so would love to hear what you think!

Have a lovely week