28 Oct 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Primark Coats

All £25
£35, £25, £30, £25, £30
When it comes to bargain jackets Primark is usually a one stop shop for me, especially in the more recent years. Whilst they may not always be the most durable or practical they certainly are affordable if you want a statement, on trend jacket that's a fraction of the price of other high street brands (here's look at you Topshop..). This year I think they've got some serious coat game with the majority costing just £25! What a bargain. I love love love the first jacket but I haven't seen it in store yet so I'm not sure if it would totally drown me. Otherwise I think that number six is gorgeous and I love the pastel colours it comes in too.

Which is your favourite?

Images via prshots.com


  1. Great post! I've got a parker but really want a smarter coat which I was thinking of getting from primark so this was just the post I needed to see! I love all the coats it'll be hard to choose! X


  2. I'm loving the first camel coloured coat on the top row and also the mint coat. I need a new coat so looks like I'll be heading to Primark to have a look.



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