Best time of year – date night – loving Cosmo’s new student edition
Insta-outfit – can’t not have Ginger – cupcakes from the Blogger Bake Off
current favourite palette – my new baking gadget – making friends

I probably say this every single month but it’s so weird that yet another month is finishing – how on earth is it November already?! I’ve even started my Christmas shopping and the Christmas displays are slowly starting to appear in shop windows. I for one am kind of dreading having to hear Christmas songs on repeat but I do love the festive period (even if I am going to be working non stop).

The highlight of my month was finally getting internet after the whole process being dragged out for six weeks when it should have taken ten days – it was infuriating but it’s dealt with now. Dealing with grown up things sucks sometimes but has to be done! Aside from that I’ve mostly been at university or working but I’ve had a few nice meals out (and one not so nice one too, rude staff are always such a let down) and have also been to see my favourite band Twin Atlantic not once but twice. I love me some Twin.

On an exciting note, I have been bumped up from the Fashion Editor at my university magazine to Co-editor which I’m really chuffed about. As much as I love fashion I did feel a bit limited and if I’m being honest I prefer covering a wider variety of topics. Plus, it’ll be awesome experience and it’ll look fab on my CV! Can’t wait to get started on the next issue.

Next month I have a few university deadlines, but I also have a consolidation week and I’m going to a charity ball too which should be fun! I’m not going out for Halloween but I am dressing up in work and if all goes to plan I will have a little outfit post to share… I’m not promising anything though.

Hope you’re having a lovely week