5 Oct 2014

LIFE: Insta-update

Clockwise starting from large photo: My gorgeous boy, first night out back in Aberdeen, getting the keys for my flat, making lots of yummy smoothies, new bag for a new academic year, this month's Degustabox* (post soon!),
lazy Sundays. Still Game at the Hydro - amazing by the way!, more lazy Sundays, travel life.
Hellooooooo! Me again. I do still exist, although you may be forgiven for thinking otherwise given my overall lack of online presence lately... I should finally be getting internet in my flat this week (Thursday to be exact) so service should resume as normal towards the end of this week/start of next.

It's been all go for me lately, university is already taking over my life and travelling home for work every week is kind of exhausting. I'm sure I'll get fully in to the swing of things soon enough but for now I am living for my next day off (Wednesday) which I am going to spend pigging out on the sofa in front of the TV.

Hope that you are all well and I can't wait to get back to business. I miss reading & commenting on other blogs, as well as just writing my own and wasting my days on Twitter! Four days to go...



  1. Great post, can't wait for more cool photos I love your blog xx

  2. When I was in uni I travelled home at weekends for work so I know how annoying it can be sometimes! So jealous that you saw still game live - I've heard amazing things about it and am gutted I never bought tickets now! x


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