21 Oct 2014


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I love the current cape trend, but if I'm being totally honest I do not think I'm anywhere near the required height to get away with wearing one. On taller people they just look effortlessly cool and swishy (technical term) but I think that when it comes to me I would just look totally swamped and passers by would probably think I was incapable of buying clothes that fit me.

That said, I would still really like one even if it is just for an indoor cover up or an option for one of those common lazy days where I do not care what I look like. Most of the capes about at the moment seem to be some sort of checked pattern which I do like, however I love the paisley print from Oasis (10) and the plain khaki colour from ASOS (5).

How do you feel about capes - are they just glorified ponchos or do you think they're super duper fashionable? I'm kind of on the fence.


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