TECHNOLOGY: What’s On My iPad

iPad Air 16gb – Amazon
It’s been just over a month since I splashed out and bought myself an iPad, so I thought I would dedicate a whole post to the little beauty and share a few apps I’ve been loving. I had uhmmed and ahhhed over buying an iPad for quite a long time, but on the first pay day after my birthday I bit the bullet and ordered one. I went for the iPad Air as I wanted a big screen to watch Netflix on but wanted something as light as possible. At the moment I have this flip case on my iPad as it’s handy for watching movies, but I think I’m going to get a pouch as well just to keep it safe in my bag. I’m so glad I ended up buying an iPad, it’s a lot more useful than I had expected and it definitely helps me get through series on Netflix quicker too… because that’s important.

Here’s a little sneak peek at my home screen with all of the main apps I use, organised neatly in to little folders because I am quite weird about organising my gadgets. Along the bottom I have my main four apps; Google Chrome which I prefer to Safari because I can access all of the bookmarks from my laptop, Instagram because I am obsessed (but I wish they’d bring out a proper iPad app), Spotify which I mostly use to make my play lists and then listen to them on my iPod (I have to be awkward that way) and my e-mail. Other apps that have pride of place on the home screen include Pinterest which I am rarely off of, Twitter and Bloglovin.

My folders are split in to six rough categories: blogging, video, photography, entertainment, shopping and other. The blogging category kind of covers all of my organisation which is mostly used for blogging but also helps with university and just general day to day life as well. I keep a couple of quick bookmarks to my blog and Disqus here just so I can keep an eye on things when I’m away from my laptop. I use Google Drive to draft my posts on the go, Evernote for my university notes and Wunderlist for my various lists. All three of these apps sync with my laptop and my phone which is a feature I find really useful.

Photography is pretty self explanatory and holds my favourite photo editing apps such as Afterlight. I’m always on the look out for more awesome photo editing apps so if you have any recommendations then send them my way! Video is again pretty self explanatory, this is where Netflix, YouTube and various catch up services live. I also have the IMDB app handy so that I can find out where I recognise that actor from… it’s usually Coronation Street. Entertainment is mostly things that I waste my time on, such as Buzzfeed, and 9gag. As well as that, BBC News hangs out here to allow me to keep up date with worldly events.

My shopping folder is full of apps that help me keep track of/spend my money such as ASOS, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and my mobile banking. I spend a fair bit of time on these apps coming up with a pretty lengthy shopping list. Finally my other folder consists of all of the bits and pieces that might come in handy (or that I can’t uninstall) such as contacts, maps and game center.

On my second screen I just have a couple of games that I’m currently addicted to including Hay Day and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. I’ll delete them one day, but today is not that day. Nor is it any day in the near future unless Willow Pape starts acting up again.

What apps do you swear by? Any games you’re addicted to?