EVENT: Witchcraft and cocktails with Scottish Ballet

First of all, I’m sorry I ended up being a bit MIA over the weekend. If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll have probably seen me ranting about our sudden lack of internet on the days that thwarted my plans to spend a couple of days being productive. Instead I ended up on the couch watching TV for two days…

Anyway. Last night I headed off to the Glasgow Film Theatre with Scottish Ballet to watch a screening of The Craft and learn a bit more about their upcoming interpretation of The Crucible. I read The Crucible back in school as my drama piece for Higher English and I actually really enjoyed it, so I was pretty excited to hear about it how it would be conveyed through the means of ballet. Overall I think it sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic piece of work, with lots of innovative choreography and musical choices. Alongside this they will also be performing ballet interpretations based on the poems of Dylan Thomas so you’re getting a wee added bonus there. If you fancy seeing it you can find out a bit more information regarding dates & tickets on the Scottish Ballet website.

After watching The Craft – one of my favourite movies btw, if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out – we sauntered off up to Blythswood Square for some antipasti and delicious cocktails. Whilst we were nibbling the lovely ladies from Scottish Ballet answered some questions about the production and the company as a whole which resulted in a really interesting discussion. I for one was really impressed to hear about the work they do with disadvantaged and vulnerable children to get them involved in the arts, it was great to find out about how dedicated they are to help these people get involved with the escapism that art often brings.

I had an absolutely fantastic night with Scottish Ballet last night, and have actually spent this morning watching clips of their work on YouTube… I’m spellbound. Pun fully intended. I’m not even sorry.