28 Sep 2014

BLOGGING TIPS: The basics of blog photography

I think photography is one of the trickier subjects that comes hand in hand with blogging, it can be difficult to get right and I know that it's something that I myself constantly strive to improve. I've had an interest in photography since long before I started this blog and also studied photography in my last year of high school so I have a basic knowledge base to build upon but the vast majority of my photography skills come from the Internet and its vast array of tips and tutorials. There's a hell of a lot to cover under photography, I could probably write an entire series on this topic alone, but I'll start out with the basics.

This can be a bit of a controversial subject matter, but in all honesty you do not need to spend a fortune in order to create beautiful images. I introduced the majority of my camera kit in this post a while ago and while I do use a DSLR for my photos this is because I already owned one and you do not need to splash out on one unless you really want to. These days most mobile phones come with a decent camera as standard, so if all you have is your phone then who cares? There are many other ways you can make your photos stand out, such as using lighting, composition and editing to your advantage.

Apart from the photo taking device itself I would definitely recommend a few other pieces for your photography kit such as a tripod and remote. My tripod and remote (full review of my remote here) are both available from Amazon at a bargain price. These come in handy for outfit photos as well as giving you a bit more flexibility when setting up photos by leaving your hands free. As well as this I always keep some white tack handy to keep things in place and a sheet of white card or poster board to create a sturdy building block to set my photos up on.

Personally I think that lighting is probably the most important factor in creating good images. For me, natural lighting is the best, but it can be increasingly difficult to come across as the year goes on. I tend to shoot my pictures as close to a window as possible, or sometimes I will even venture outside to make the most of the sunshine, but if you're struggling you could always invest in a daylight bulb or a lighting kit which are available for pretty reasonable prices online.

In order to make the most of what little light is available in the winter months I tend to set aside a spare hour or so during the day at the weekends (or any free day) to try and take the bulk of my photos whilst I still have some light and time to work with. This is particularly useful if I've got a busy week with university and I know that I'll be leaving in the dark and coming home in the dark. Try find a little portion of time that you can dedicate to snapping a few photos, even if you're not using them for a post until later in the week.

A lot of the time finding the best composition for your photos comes down to your own individual tastes. Some people prefer clean, white backgrounds with no distractions - which is where the white poster board I mentioned earlier comes in handy - whereas others like to include some little props and add a bit more of a "story" to the photo. I change my mind about this a lot, as I like my photos to have a fair bit of interest in them but still want the product to be the main focus.

At the moment my chosen method of shooting is using a magazine page or something else with a bit of pattern and texture as my background. Paperchase has a great selection of patterned wrapping paper which I find make interesting backgrounds, or even just a pretty cushion can add some interest. I've included a few examples of different backgrounds I've used below.

Clockwise from top L-R: Magazine article, white poster board, a fluffy pillow and Paperchase wrapping paper
As well as the background itself it's important to consider how the contents of the photo will be arranged. Obviously you want the product or outfit in question to be the main focus, but there are many ways you can do this. For example, creating distance between the main focus and the background - just by doing something as simple as picking the product up - will help to distinguish the product and will help create that beloved background blur. I like to place my products slightly off centre and tend to follow a procedure called the "rule of thirds" which I personally feel creates the best composition for me,

Tips & Tricks
A few other little things that I would like to mention are:

  • Bigger is better: big bright photos are aesthetically pleasing, so try to keep your images large
  • Try to avoid using flash: it can be very harsh and cast a lot of shadows
  • White space (or just empty space) can be good but don't over do it
  • Google has a wealth of tutorials for more advanced things like bokeh (pretty circles of light) that can add a bit more to your photos
  • It's good to have a variety of images in a post, but don't go overboard! We don't need to see 20 shots of a lipstick all from the same angle, just pick the best few shots that show it off.
Is there anything you'd like to add? Maybe you have a must know photography tip to share? Let me know in the comments!

NEXT WEEK: The basics of photo editing

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26 Sep 2014


I've not had very many favourites this month, but there have been a couple of stand out products that I've enjoyed using. The most exciting is probably the Lorac Pro Palette which I treated myself to after my birthday but it didn't arrive until the end of August kinda time. I love the variety of looks you can create just with the addition of a couple of non neutral shades, it's really encouraging me to be a tad more adventurous with my eye make up!

When I went to the Debenham's press evening a few weeks ago I received a pretty damn amazing goody bag with some fab little treats in, my favourite of which is the Burt's Bees' coconut foot cream*. This has been a saviour when it comes to my poor cracked feet and I've already bought myself a bigger tube for when this runs out.

Finally another cream I absolutely adore is the Decleor nourishing body milk* from Fragrance Direct. This came in a little hamper of skincare that I'll be sharing soon, but I couldn't not rave about this beauty. I really struggle with keratosis pilaris on my arms and legs and this is one of the few products that actually makes a difference! My skin is a lot clearer and considerably less dry, my legs are no longer dry to the point that the skin cracks so I'm really happy with this. More about it soon...

What have you been loving this month?

24 Sep 2014


If you didn't already see my tweets moaning, I've just moved in to a new flat and have no internet for the next week or so. I love my flat, but I also love the internet. So I've been making the most of free WiFi in the shopping centres and I'm currently stealing the WiFi at my flatmate's boyfriend's flat so I can get a wee bit of blogging done.

As you can imagine, being in a new flat has made me even more obsessed with interiors and home decor, so I thought I'd share a few pins from my bedroom decor board whilst I'm in the middle of settling in to my new room. I'll share a little tour soon but at the moment I'm going for a bit of a black, white & grey theme with lots of cushions and cute little bits from Ikea. I'm pretty happy with it so far! If you fancy seeing more of what tickles my fancy then you can follow me on Pinterest here.

Back to business as usual ASAP, hopefully Sky are kind to me and activate the internet sooner rather than later!


23 Sep 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Aubergine Fox

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
I first discovered Aubergine Fox on Twitter, then one day I decided to have a little nosey at their Etsy shop and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Stocking lots of beautiful crystal jewellery alongside adorable hair accessories, pencils and other gifts they are right up my street. I absolutely adore this kind of jewellery, especially the little origami animals so I think come pay day I will be treating myself to a couple of pieces. How beautiful are the crystal bullets? I think the rose gold one (4) is my favourite, but it's so difficult to choose.

What are your favourite Etsy stores?


22 Sep 2014

TECHNOLOGY: What's On My iPad

iPad Air 16gb - Amazon
It's been just over a month since I splashed out and bought myself an iPad, so I thought I would dedicate a whole post to the little beauty and share a few apps I've been loving. I had uhmmed and ahhhed over buying an iPad for quite a long time, but on the first pay day after my birthday I bit the bullet and ordered one. I went for the iPad Air as I wanted a big screen to watch Netflix on but wanted something as light as possible. At the moment I have this flip case on my iPad as it's handy for watching movies, but I think I'm going to get a pouch as well just to keep it safe in my bag. I'm so glad I ended up buying an iPad, it's a lot more useful than I had expected and it definitely helps me get through series on Netflix quicker too... because that's important.

Here's a little sneak peek at my home screen with all of the main apps I use, organised neatly in to little folders because I am quite weird about organising my gadgets. Along the bottom I have my main four apps; Google Chrome which I prefer to Safari because I can access all of the bookmarks from my laptop, Instagram because I am obsessed (but I wish they'd bring out a proper iPad app), Spotify which I mostly use to make my play lists and then listen to them on my iPod (I have to be awkward that way) and my e-mail. Other apps that have pride of place on the home screen include Pinterest which I am rarely off of, Twitter and Bloglovin.

My folders are split in to six rough categories: blogging, video, photography, entertainment, shopping and other. The blogging category kind of covers all of my organisation which is mostly used for blogging but also helps with university and just general day to day life as well. I keep a couple of quick bookmarks to my blog and Disqus here just so I can keep an eye on things when I'm away from my laptop. I use Google Drive to draft my posts on the go, Evernote for my university notes and Wunderlist for my various lists. All three of these apps sync with my laptop and my phone which is a feature I find really useful.

Photography is pretty self explanatory and holds my favourite photo editing apps such as Afterlight. I'm always on the look out for more awesome photo editing apps so if you have any recommendations then send them my way! Video is again pretty self explanatory, this is where Netflix, YouTube and various catch up services live. I also have the IMDB app handy so that I can find out where I recognise that actor from... it's usually Coronation Street. Entertainment is mostly things that I waste my time on, such as Buzzfeed, Style.com and 9gag. As well as that, BBC News hangs out here to allow me to keep up date with worldly events.

My shopping folder is full of apps that help me keep track of/spend my money such as ASOS, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and my mobile banking. I spend a fair bit of time on these apps coming up with a pretty lengthy shopping list. Finally my other folder consists of all of the bits and pieces that might come in handy (or that I can't uninstall) such as contacts, maps and game center.

On my second screen I just have a couple of games that I'm currently addicted to including Hay Day and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. I'll delete them one day, but today is not that day. Nor is it any day in the near future unless Willow Pape starts acting up again.

What apps do you swear by? Any games you're addicted to?


21 Sep 2014

BLOGGING TIPS: Blogging on a budget

Hello! Apologies that I didn't publish a post last Sunday, I've been working like mad and on top of trying to arrange everything for my move in to the new flat (today!) life has been a tad hectic. Never fear, I'm back again. This week I thought I'd share a few tips in regards to maintaining a blog whilst sticking to a budget, which is something I've struggled with in the past but am slowly overcoming.

Sticking to a budget can be difficult, particularly in beauty blogging, but it definitely can be done. In an environment that is constantly inundated with news and reviews regarding the latest (and sometimes pricey) releases I often find myself feeling like I have to spend to stay ahead but that's really not true.

Starting out with one of the easiest options available, using what you already have. I love having a little shop around in my slightly large stash of make up and always end up finding something that I haven't used for ages, such as a lip colour that I couldn't quite make work or an eyeliner that was thrown to the back of the drawer when something new and shiny arrived. Use the bits and bobs you already own to create new make up looks, ramble about your undying love for or even just write about why it was discarded!

If you've already exhausted your stash - don't worry. There are plenty of other things you can do in order to generate a bit of content for your blog. Why not write a day in the life type of post? Share a few photos from your day, no matter how boring you think it is, and I'm sure nosey people like me will have a field day finding out how you spend your time away from the screen. Do a bit of research in to free days out in your area and see what you can come up with there, maybe there's a pretty country park to share or a museum with some eccentric art. Explore your city as if you were a tourist and document it on your blog, you'll help others who might visit and you could find out new things about the place you live.

If getting out and about isn't what you fancy, and let's face it in winter it's usually not, you could always share something that you already know with your readers who might not. Have you done an awesome DIY? Share it! Particularly knowledgeable on a subject? Share it! Every day is a school day and people like to learn new things.

Aside from that, why not share some things that you love? Whether it's a blog you adore, a book you loved as a child, a recipe from Pinterest that looks delicious or just a funny cat video - people will appreciate it. Another fail-safe option is a wish list, just because you might not be able to afford to actually purchase anything doesn't mean you can't admire from afar, or at least I keep telling myself... Share some bargains and save some pennies.

Do you have any other tips for blogging on a budget? Be sure to share them in the comments!

NEXT WEEK: I'll be sharing a few tips & tricks when it comes to blog photography.

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17 Sep 2014

BEAUTY: Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Aussome Volume

Aussome Volume Miracle Dry Shampoo by Aussie - Superdrug & Boots
For so long my dry shampoo choice was pretty much ruled by Batiste, as there wasn't a whole lot else on offer. Now I always struggle to decide which brand to go for and despite being a big fan of Dove's dry shampoo I was in the market for something that would work in a similar fashion to Batiste's XXL Volume.

I hadn't realised that Aussie even did dry shampoos until I was browsing the aisles in Boots, but seeing as it was on offer and I like a lot of their other products I thought I would give it a whirl. They have a few varieties available such as quick refresh & coloured hair however I opted for the volume booster.

Unlike Batiste, this dry shampoo isn't particularly chalky and doesn't leave that horrible dusty look that can be a total pain to get rid of. This makes it pretty handy if you're in a rush as you won't have to worry about having lovely grey patches! Volume wise it does make a noticeable difference, but Batiste definitely performs better there. If you're just after a little bit of extra "oomph" as opposed to full on massive hair then this is perfect and I do use this most days, but when I want more volume I go for Batiste's XXL volume.  This brushes out pretty easily but can be a bit tuggy at first like many dry shampoos, however it is nowhere near as bad as I find Batiste to be which is a big bonus. Plus it benefits from the typical Aussie scent which I absolutely love!

I think that this is a fantastic every day dry shampoo and I'm planning on trying out their one for coloured hair next, but if you're wanting lots and lots of volume this might not be the one for you.

What's your favourite dry shampoo?


16 Sep 2014


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
It's getting closer and closer to going back to university so I've become one of those stationery & back to school style obsessed people again. This year I think that a backpack will be my bag of choice as I'll be walking to university every day and need something that won't kill my back & neck.

I've been after a Grafea bag for as long as I can remember after discovering their gorgeous camera bags a few years ago, but for the moment they're just a tiny bit out of my price range. Other than that, I've had my eye on number 8 from Warehouse for quite a while as it's the perfect size and I just think it's so damn cute. I always struggle to decide when buying a bag as I like to stick to the same bag for ages!

Which is your favourite?


15 Sep 2014

WATCHING: 5 Fashion Films You Have To See

Probably one of the most obvious choices had to be The Devil Wears Prada, and it deserves it. I remember seeing this film years and years ago, but it was only after I read the book in the summer of 2010 that I really began to appreciate the film. TDWP provides a (somewhat) fictional glimpse in to the world of editorial fashion, the ups and downs of working in the industry and shows just how difficult it can be.

Now, I describe The September Issue as The "real life" Devil Wears Prada. The September Issue is a fantastic documentary following one of the most influential women in fashion, Anna Wintour. This documentary is one of my all time favourite fashion films and something I watch whenever I'm feeling a bit disheartened. It always reminds me why I love fashion & the industry so much. Wintour may seem a bit cold hearted but I love her, and this really shows another side to her.

Bergdorf Goodman is one of the most iconic New York department stores and this documentary shows off all of the work that goes on behind the scenes, as well as some interviews with the designers who showcase there and the exlcusive clientèle that shops there. One day, I will shop there, but for now I can just admire from afar (through my screen..).

I'm actually re-watching this as I type just because I think it's so great. Bill Cunningham's fashion photography is known worldwide so it's really interesting to see a glimpse in to the life of the man behind the camera. I think Bill Cunningham seems like such a lovely guy, and I'm amazed by how much he dedicates to his work. If you like photography in particular then I would definitely recommend giving this a watch.

Much like Anna Wintour, Diana Vreeland is a big name in the fashion industry. She died well before I was born, but watching this really shows how much of a power house she was and why her work has become so infamous. This film follows her life story, starting from the early years in Paris right through her career within the industry. Seriously worth a watch.

12 Sep 2014

GIVEAWAY: Colours and Carousels is 4(ish)!

Helloooooo there! Colours and Carousels is growing up, and has recently turned four years old. It's kinda crazy to think that I've kept something up for that long but in all honesty I've only really properly worked on it for about two and a half to three of those four years now. So to celebrate I thought I'd put together a little giveaway with a few beauty bits and bobs that I thought people would like! I also found a stash of jewellery that I had intended to use in a previous giveaway so I've included them too, because I'm just that nice.

If you fancy winning a skincare set from Benefit, the Iconic 3 palette from Make Up Revolution, two lipsticks from Make Up Revolution (Rebel With Cause and Divine), a nail polish by Collection (shade Raspberry), a smoky eye palette from NYC, Collection's blush, bronze & highlight quad, my favourite Argan Oil from Avon and a wee selection of jewellery then follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A few T's & C's I'm setting out are:
This giveaway closes in two weeks time - 26.9.14
It's only open to UK entries (postage issues - sorry!)
The winner will be chosen at random via the Rafflecopter widget
I will contact the winner via the email provided ASAP, 
if they do not reply within 48 hours I will choose another winner
I will be moderating all entries and any false, incomplete or duplicates will be removed
Entries made from accounts created specifically for extra competition entries
(i.e "compers") will also be removed
I have purchased all of these items with my own money and this giveaway
is not in any way affiliated with the brands involved

Good luck to everyone who enters! x

11 Sep 2014

LIFE: Scottish Independence - The Final Countdown

Image source: Getty via The Telegraph
There's just one week to go until I cast my vote on one of the biggest decisions that my country could ever make. I'm petrified but excited. I wasn't originally planning on writing a final post regarding the referendum but I've now realised that I couldn't just leave it like I did.

I'll get one thing straight before we properly start here - this is a much more personal post regarding my own, individual thoughts and feelings towards Scottish Independence. My previous posts (one, two & three) were a bit more "fact" based, or really an attempt at providing a variety of information sources regarding my feelings on the topic. Today I'm just going to ramble. If you would prefer some more factual reading material I highly recommend Morag's IndyRef edition of The Linkables. Morag is one of the few people I've been able to fully discuss the ins and outs of the vote with without feeling pressured or dismissed and I've really enjoyed our conversations.

Okay, here goes.

I currently do not have a clue what I am going to vote. Before, I had mentioned that I was most probably a no vote but not necessarily a very strong no vote, but now I'm leaning ever so slightly more towards a yes. I'm starting to think that the only way things will change for Scotland and the rUK is if we do decide to become an independent nation. I've recently realised that this vote is not about "being British" but instead about leaving the clutches of Westminster - who I think need a right kick up the backside. It is a geographical fact that we are part of the British Isles, no vote can change that. No vote can change the fact that I was born in England and I am proud of that. No vote can change the fact that I have also spent the majority of my life in Scotland and I am also proud of that.

Personally I really dislike the two mainstream campaigns within the referendum, Yes Scotland and Better Together, but after being introduced to some other parties and campaigns such as Green Yes and the SSP who seem to put their points regarding independence across in a much more logical, kinder and appealing way my feelings have started to be swayed.

Recently I've realised that I was possibly being too selfish when it came to the referendum. Yes, it's my vote and my decision, but I am not the only person who lives in this country. I am lucky in that I have had a comfortable upbringing, a good standard of education and the means by which to make it through the week and then some. Food banks and benefits are not issues that have previously been of major importance to me when they really should have been. I don't like to think of myself as naive but I'm starting to feel like I have been. If a yes vote results in a fairer and more equal society for all demographics, be it gender, income, location or race then I could support a yes vote.

Something that has been niggling away at me is the uncertainty surrounding what exactly would happen should we vote to become independent, but everything in life has a degree of uncertainty. It's stupid to hold back from something just because you are scared. Every massive journey in life starts with one small step, so maybe that step is crossing the box next to 'yes' next week. Then again the number of business threatening to pull out of Scotland, the jobs that could be lost and the economic issues we may see are off putting.

Either way, based on recent polls, this decision is going to divide the country. No matter what the outcome it would seem that there will be a large chunk of the population who will not be happy. That is what I hate about this, the segregation. It has created a bit of a tense atmosphere at the moment which I hope we can leave behind after the vote, I'm fed up of seeing nothing but arguments and scaremongering swallow my social media feeds. Scotland is supposedly a friendly country but the amount of violence and abuse being spouted from either side of the campaign is making me too embarrassed and scared to share my views.

At the end of the day, I don't think I would particularly mind either outcome. I can't quite decide which I would prefer at the moment and it's pretty scary that I only have a week to do so.

10 Sep 2014

EVENT: Witchcraft and cocktails with Scottish Ballet

First of all, I'm sorry I ended up being a bit MIA over the weekend. If you follow me on Twitter then you'll have probably seen me ranting about our sudden lack of internet on the days that thwarted my plans to spend a couple of days being productive. Instead I ended up on the couch watching TV for two days...

Anyway. Last night I headed off to the Glasgow Film Theatre with Scottish Ballet to watch a screening of The Craft and learn a bit more about their upcoming interpretation of The Crucible. I read The Crucible back in school as my drama piece for Higher English and I actually really enjoyed it, so I was pretty excited to hear about it how it would be conveyed through the means of ballet. Overall I think it sounds like it's going to be a fantastic piece of work, with lots of innovative choreography and musical choices. Alongside this they will also be performing ballet interpretations based on the poems of Dylan Thomas so you're getting a wee added bonus there. If you fancy seeing it you can find out a bit more information regarding dates & tickets on the Scottish Ballet website.

After watching The Craft - one of my favourite movies btw, if you haven't seen it you're missing out - we sauntered off up to Blythswood Square for some antipasti and delicious cocktails. Whilst we were nibbling the lovely ladies from Scottish Ballet answered some questions about the production and the company as a whole which resulted in a really interesting discussion. I for one was really impressed to hear about the work they do with disadvantaged and vulnerable children to get them involved in the arts, it was great to find out about how dedicated they are to help these people get involved with the escapism that art often brings.

I had an absolutely fantastic night with Scottish Ballet last night, and have actually spent this morning watching clips of their work on YouTube... I'm spellbound. Pun fully intended. I'm not even sorry.


7 Sep 2014

BLOGGING TIPS: Motivation, inspiration and downright copying

As a blogger it can be pretty difficult to maintain motivation, especially if you post every day or multiple times a week. Every so often I'm prone to a bout of the dreaded "blogger's block" and find it really difficult to turn a thought in to a coherent blog post. I've found a few things that help me keep on top of this, one of which being my growing list of topic ideas that I've started noting down on my phone. One of the things I find useful for planning posts is starting with a few relevant seasonal posts - such as gift guides at Christmas time - then starting to pad out my schedule from there with things that I post on a regular basis like outfits, reviews and recipes.

Another thing that I like doing to keep me going is having a regular feature that I post on a weekly or monthly basis. For example, I started out with weekly wish lists on a Wednesday, then moved on to "Desert Island Essentials" on a Sunday and at the moment I have my "Tuesday Ten" post. Some of my monthly features included playlists, blogs I love and Instagram catch up posts which are pretty easy to put together.

I find that one idea can turn in to ten sometimes, so it's handy to keep a note of any ideas that pop in to your head so that you can refer back to them at a later date. Another idea could be using something like a spider diagram which can encourage you to develop a multitude of ideas based on or around one topic. Let's use the example of Christmas again... You could have Christmas recipes, fun DIY gift ideas, gift guides for various family members, sharing your Christmas traditions, outfit posts with super cheesy Christmas jumpers and so much more!

Nowadays there are so many different sources when looking for inspiration, if you're struggling then you should definitely try to make use of them! I for one love Pinterest right now, which I'm barely off of, but even simple things like going for a walk, reading a book or spending time with friends can help spark an idea for a great post. I also love finding inspiration in magazines as they often show trends that I hadn't previously considered worth bothering about in a way that's more relatable, which I can then interpret in my own way. If I'm feeling a bit down I tend to go shopping, and even if I don't spend anything I will usually come away feeling much better with an idea or two up my sleeve. Just look around you, you'll find something that will grab your interest.

Other bloggers often provide a great source of inspiration, but it's so unbelievably important not to downright copy their work. This has become a bit of a common issue in the blogging world recently and I really hate that people think it’s okay to pass off the hard work of other’s as their own. It’s fine to be inspired by someone, but make sure that you put your own spin on it. Imagine it was your work - which you had spent hours on - that was being passed off without credit. To help protect yourself against this be sure to add a copyright notice to your blog which will give you a legal leg to stand upon should someone try to copy your work. Elaine from XOMISSE has some fantastic resources regarding copyright for bloggers.

How do you stay motivated & beat the dreaded blogger's block? It can be a difficult process so be sure to share your tips for staying motivated & finding inspiration!

NEXT WEEK: Blogging on a budget - making the most of what you know, own and can do for free!

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5 Sep 2014

EVENT: Debenhams AW14 Press Evening

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love A/W fashion. When I was invited along to check out the latest & greatest from Debenhams I knew I would be coming away with a wish list as long as my arm and I was right. Jam packed full of gorgeous knits, winter florals and what can only be described as an abundance of coat porn I now have a very long shopping list to get started with my new season wardrobe.

In particular, I loved the amazing statement necklaces on show, but I was paying particular attention to the upcoming beauty releases such as the Naked Basics 2 (which looks practically identical to the original) and this year's Benefit Advent Calendar. I was also loving their absolutely stunning evening gowns on show and seeing as I actually have an event coming up in November which requires black tie it felt perfectly justified to feel like they're necessary purchases.

What trends are you loving for the upcoming season?

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