5 Aug 2014


For my birthday last week two of my lovely friends got me a t-shirt from In The Style (which will be featuring in an outfit post later!) and I was kind of surprised by how amazing the quality was. I'd followed In The Style on Twitter for a while but never really looked at anything on their website, let alone bought anything, but my newest addition is so soft and fits so well that I decided to go and check out the rest of their offerings!

Much to my surprise I was met by plenty of gorgeous pieces and have amassed quite a wish list. They have some really beautiful prints on co-ords & dresses as well as some killer Beyonce-esque slogan tees that I definitely want to add to my wardrobe. I think the monochrome tropical print shorts are probably my favourite from the site and I can see me ~accidentally~ slipping and falling and ordering them for myself... The grid print co-ord might ~somehow~ end up in my basket too.

Have you ever bought anything from In The Style?

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