19 Aug 2014

TUESDAY TEN: eBay Slogan Tees

I do love a wee slogan tee and eBay have a pretty smashing range available for tiny prices. I've got to that stage where I just want to wear jeans & a t-shirt all the time so I obviously need something a little bit more fashionable to wear with my trusty denim. There are hundreds ever so Tumblr tees to choose from but I managed to narrow it down to just ten to share today. I really want the "shopping is my cardio" tee but I'm also tempted by the sweater version too... difficult decisions.

Which is your favourite?

1 comment

  1. Really love the "more issues than vogue" shirt! I think it's the font. These are great for lounging!

    Tiffany | tiffanyeatworld.com


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