REVIEW: Lush Let The Good Times Roll cleanser

Let The Good Times Roll cleanser – £6.40 from Lush

Last week I was in Lush, as per usual, and a bit stuck about what to buy which is not so usual. I was in the mood to repurchase some old favourites so picked up a Comforter bubble bar but as my shopping buddy was buying so many Lush goodies I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing out a bit! So, to satisfy those worrying shopaholic desires I decided to go for Let The Good Times Roll.

Let The Good Times Roll is one of Lush’s face & body cleansers that does a great job at scrubbing and softening the skin. This cleanser contains polenta and maize flour which both help to exfoliate the skin without being overly harsh. Whilst it may not be suitable for every day use for people with more sensitive skin, I think that this cleanser is perfect for someone like me who suffers from little dry patches that just need some tough love. I tend to just use this at night to make sure that I’ve really got all of the dirt and grime off of my face before going to bed as I prefer a less creamy cleanser in the mornings.

The scent can be a big factor when it comes to loving or loathing a Lush product, on the whole they usually smell pretty delicious but there are a fair few in the collection that have a bit of an off putting fragrance. Luckily for me, Let The Good Times Roll is not one of these! As to be expected when you look at the ingredient list (cinnamon, corn oil & popcorn to name a few) this cleanser is reminiscent of that sweet cinema snack that I adore. I find that this shares a nearly identical scent with the Popcorn lip scrub so if you know that you’re not a fan – you have been warned!

I really enjoy using this cleanser as I feel like it’s a little bit more luxurious and nourishing than my usual Superdrug facial polish but still manages to scrub away at my skin and help to tame my dry patches. My only real issue with this is the fact that it can sometimes be difficult to get rid of all of the exfoliating particles from your skin which is another reason that I tend to opt for it in the evenings instead of mornings. I find that this can easily be solved with a good swipe of toner however like most exfoliators there will still be the stray fleck every so often.

On the whole though, I love how soft this leaves my skin. Because it’s not too harsh for every day use I find that my skin is looking a bit brighter, without being left red raw or tight from over-exfoliating. I think this is a permanent addition to my “Lush Loves” and I would seriously recommend giving it a go, or just smelling it.

I’m going to go eat a bag of popcorn now.