LIFE: Keeping organised with Personal Planner + GIVEAWAY!

Blog planner* – Personal Planner

Organisation isn’t something that comes particularly naturally to me. Don’t get me wrong, I try my best to keep on top of things and do consider myself an organised person (the majority of the time) but it is something that I have to work for. A massive part of blogging is being organised, it can be quite time consuming and if you have other commitments like studying & work to consider it’s really important to be able to properly divide your time.

At the moment, my main resource when it comes to blogging organisation is a killer spreadsheet/editorial calendar that I made up for myself which details which post is being published when and even has a lovely colour coding system to easily show what needs my attention. I love that it’s all laid out in front of me on my computer, but sometimes I find myself distracted by the other things that the internet has to offer (…Twitter) so I like to be able to spend some time away from my laptop to ensure I properly focus.

Step in my gorgeous new blog planner from the lovely folks at Personal Planner.

Isn’t it snazzy? I spent so long designing it to be absolutely perfect for me and I must say I’m glad I did. Now I have a way to keep on top of what needs to be done for the blog without having to stare at a screen for hours. Much like a typical diary there is a section for each day with a week spread across two pages and a yearly overview at the end. As well as this, I made sure to include plenty of space for little notes & even a to do list so that I can keep all of my scribbles in the one place. My usual daily diary is on the small side and can get quite messy at times, so it’s really great to have a separate book that I can fully dedicate to my blog. This has come in so handy recently as I’ve been incredibly busy, it feels like life is trying to throw as many obstacles as possible all at once but things are finally starting to settle down a bit and I’m a lot less stressed.

Seeing as I’ll be starting back at university soon (bleh) this will definitely be useful to help plan my posts in advance and I’m kind of tempted to order another one just for university work… That’s something I really need to get on top of!

So, gushing aside, it’s time for the good bit. The team at Personal Planner have been generous enough to offer me the chance to give away a customised planner of any size to one lucky reader – you’ll be able to fully personalise it so that it works the best way for you! All you have to do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below to enter – and nab some extra chances too – then I’ll be in touch with the winner in a week’s time (21/8/14) to arrange your prize. Good luck!

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