FASHION: Autumn Florals with Joules

autumn florals uk
Long sleeved top // Vest // Trousers // T-shirt // Brogues

So how are we all on this lazy Sunday morning? I know that we’re all sad that our lovely sunny weather has disappeared but despite my love for warm weather I’m actually really excited to get my Autumn/Winter wardrobe out in it’s full cosy glory. I just love dressing for colder weather as I feel like there are so many more options available, especially when it comes to layering!

Personally I think the British fashion industry is always strongest during the colder months, probably because we’re pretty used to it. Brilliantly British brand Joules is no exception. I think that we have a kind of classic style as Brits and there are some key pieces that really lend themselves towards creating this “look”. Something I particularly love about British style is our florals, so I’ve put together a little mood board encompassing a few of my favourite picks this season.

Joules has a fantastic range of comfy tunic dresses that I think would be perfect paired with some woolly tights, big oversized jackets and a pair of brogues. Accessorising for the cold is a whole lot more fun when you have the option of pretty scarves and hats to choose from. Joules’ range of gorgeous accessories provides plenty of choices for treats for yourself, or gifts too if you’re feeling kind! I particularly love their wellies which I think are ever so cute, they’d be perfect for traipsing around in the typical Scottish slush come winter.

Do you prefer dressing for winter or for summer?


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