BLOGGING TIPS: Introduction

It might come as a surprise to hear that I’ve actually been blogging on Colours & Carousels for a total of four years now, albeit not “properly” for the first year and a half-ish. Throughout that time I’ve amassed a few little snippets of information regarding blogging, and so I thought I would share them in a little series that I’m going to imaginatively title “Blogging Tips”.

Though I am in no way any sort of expert, I thought sharing some tips & tricks for a variety of blogging subjects might come in kind of handy – especially for newbie bloggers! I’m going to be posting every Sunday and covering a variety of topics that come under what I’m dubbing the “Three C’s” of blogging: content, community and consistency.

For content, I’m going to discuss the elements that make up a blog. Things like post ideas, photography and layouts. There’s going to be tips for getting the most from your photos, dealing with PR opportunities, blogging on a budget, helpful HTML and more.

When it comes to community I thought I would cover the basics of using social media for your blog, alongside topics such as the importance of commenting and networking within your local blogging community. Community is a massive part of blogging so I decided this was an essential to cover.

Consistency is mostly about organisation (but I wanted alliteration!) and will delve in to the world of time management, scheduling and… Stationery. Everyone’s favourite. I’ll share some handy apps for blogging on the go and explain how I make the most of my free time to help my blog.

I’m hoping that I’ll manage to cover the majority of topics and I have a rough schedule set up, but if there are any specific topics you’d like to see covered feel free to share them in the comments!