BEAUTY: Vitamin E Skincare from The Body Shop

Vitamin E is a pretty common ingredient in a lot of skin care at the moment which is understandable considering that it’s an antioxidant, meaning it will fight the free radicals that damage the collagen in your skin and cause dryness & wrinkles. Previously I’ve only really tried the Vitamin E range from Superdrug, which is pretty decent for those on a budget, but for the past week I’ve been trialling some of the range from The Body Shop who usually have pretty amazing skincare and I’m impressed.

This cleanser is lovely and creamy which makes it perfect for every day use. At the moment I’m using this in the morning and Let The Good Times Roll by Lush at evenings so I’m not 100% sure on it’s ability to remove a full face of make up – however it certainly works well to remove any traces left over in the morning. I find this leaves my skin lovely and soft but it can sometimes feel a little on the tight side. There is no horrible film of product left after rinsing like you can get with some other cleansers which is always a bonus. While this is a great wee cleanser for the majority of skin types I personally prefer something a little more exfoliating.

For me this was the least exciting product from the four that I tried, as to me it was just a pretty typical toner. It’s not too drying as you would hope from a “hydrating toner” but sometimes I feel like it does leave a few traces of product behind on the skin. I do really like this toner as it’s a bit more nourishing than some others I have tried but I find that there are cheaper toners that work just as well for my skin.

This was the real show stopper for me, I’m seriously impressed with this little pot of beauty. It is intended to be used as a mask treatment however I actually love this as a night cream. It’s super hydrating without being even the slightest bit heavy and a small amount of product really goes a long way. My skin is currently in beautiful condition despite an incredibly stressful week and I think it’s down to this! The lovely Eilidh also informed me that this works wonders on stretch marks so I decided to give it a go… lo and behold it does! It’s not an overnight miracle worker but after a week of using it my stretch marks have definitely faded, hopefully with continued use they’ll be practically invisible.

I’m not a big fan of eye cream (boooo, hiss) so it was a nice treat to be able to try something a bit new. I didn’t really notice any massive effects after using this however it could be a lot more useful to someone who is conscious of their eye area. I’m going to keep using this until the tubes finished – and considering how little you need that could be a long time – then see how I feel after that.

What are your favourite products from The Body Shop? I can’t resist some of their pink grapefruit range, mmm.