6 Aug 2014

BEAUTY: Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer EDP

Killer Queen Oh So Sheer by Katy Perry - £9.99 for 30ml from The Perfume Shop
The latest addition to my Katy Perry fragrance collection is none other than one of the updated Killer Queen's - Oh So Sheer. I've already proclaimed my love for the original Killer Queen a few times and you can read a full review here.

To start, the packaging is practically identical to the original Killer Queen however it's been updated with another regal shade, this time a gorgeous purple. Aside from that everything is really just the same as Killer Queen, the bottle has the same insignia and is the same slightly awkward shape. I have the smaller size (30ml) this time as opposed to the 100ml that I have of Killer Queen which actually makes quite a handy, purse friendly bottle. It doesn't feel too flimsy so I don't mind chucking it in my bag if I'm going out for the day.

The scent is again similar to the previous offering but now has a slightly fruitier twist with the opening notes of wild berries and blackcurrant. After a while it fades to the typical sweet scent with hints of caramel and frangipani. It's not overbearingly sweet, but it is definitely sweeter than most. I really struggle to describe scents but I'd say this was quite light and summery but with decent staying power for a low cost perfume - about 4-6 hours depending on what you're doing.

As to be expected from a celebrity perfume at such a low price it's not the most ground breaking of scents but it does make a lovely light addition to a summer perfume collection. I think it would be really nice for going on holiday, and at £9.99 it doesn't break the bank.

What's your favourite summer perfume?

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