11 Aug 2014

BEAUTY: Insolence by Guerlain EDP

Insolence Eau De Parfum by Guerlain
Next up in incredibly sweet perfumes that I now own is Insolence by Guerlain. I actually used to use this perfume back when I was a mere 14/15 years of age after my mum got a bottle from my dad in a little sample set and my heart was broken once I found out how much it was to buy a bigger bottle, especially in comparison to my usual perfume choices. BUT!! When I was out shopping with my lovely boyfriend for my birthday present I spotted this on sale and knew it was fate. So once again, Insolence is mine!

Insolence smells pretty much exactly like Parma Violets, probably down to the inclusion of violet - who'd have known? I'm not a fan of the sweets themselves but I love the scent. I've never seen a perfume with lasting power like Insolence, which paired alongside it's strength means that you'll be able to really get your monies worth from this bottle. For example, I wore this on a night out last week and could still smell it the morning after, despite it being well over twelve hours later. Maybe I just applied far, far, far too much, but I was pretty impressed.

This is definitely another one for the sweet, fruity & floral perfume lovers - and people who really like Parma Violets too I suppose. I doubt it's for everyone but I just think it's absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy to have it in my collection again!

What's your favourite - more expensive - perfume?


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