BEAUTY: Iconic 2 vs Undress Me Too

Iconic 2 palette by Make Up Revolution – £4 online or from selected Superdrug stores
Undress Me Too palette by Make Up Academy – £4 online or from Superdrug

I’m sure you’re all sick to death of the Iconic palettes being compared to their luxe Urban Decay counterparts, and to be honest so am I. The Naked palettes are obviously going to be the winner there, wouldn’t you be gutted if you had spent £30+ and they weren’t? I thought it would be much, much fairer to compare the real competitors – Make Up Revolution and Make Up Academy. It’s a battle of the dupes.

I’ve had Undress Me Too by MUA for a while now but only recently bought Iconic 2 from MUR. Packaging wise they’re really similar, they both have the chunky plastic packaging with a little window to show off the shades as well as the double ended sponge applicator. To me, this packaging gets grubby quite easily – especially the black one – but it’s reasonably durable and is easy enough to clean. Both have 12 shades, 3 matte and 9 shimmer, in a practically identical order albeit different shaped pans.

Top: Undress Me Too shades 1-6
Bottom: Iconic 2 shades 1-6
Top: Undress Me Too shades 7-12
Bottom – Iconic 2 shades 7-12

As you can see from the swatches the shades themselves are practically identical, which is to be expected considering the colourants used are the exact same. In both palettes the shimmers are more intense in comparison to the matte shades however the Iconic 2 is slightly more pigmented overall. Both suffer from a bit of fallout when applying, more so the Undress Me Too, and apply slightly more powdery than I would like from an eyeshadow but for £4 you can’t have everything. The shades blend reasonably well and both palettes provide a decent range that’ll allow for a variety of day & night looks. The lasting power isn’t fantastic but when paired with a decent primer they can last for a good few hours which is all I really need usually. They’re easily removed too which I like, I hate when my make up just will not budge despite me scraping it away.

Iconic 2 and Undress Me Too are pretty much identical twins – which I doubt is a big surprise to anybody – but on the whole I’d say that the Iconic 2 fared marginally better thanks to it’s stronger pigmentation. I personally prefer the aesthetic of the Iconic 2 palette (maybe because mine is cleaner) as I think it looks a bit more expensive but that’s just personal choice. I don’t own the Naked 2 (yet) so can’t compare but if you’re after the same shades for a tiny percentage of the price then I’d go for Iconic 2 – or if like me you struggled to find Iconic 2 then Undress Me Too is your guy.
What’s your opinion of these palettes – would you prefer to splash out or are you a bargain lover?