TUESDAY TEN: Printed Trousers

Okay, first of all, I’m sorry I disappeared for a week. Quite frankly I just couldn’t be bothered, even when I was on holiday the week before I was still ever so conscious of the work my blog needed and I guess I was feeling a tad burnt out so just decided to give myself a week off. It was a pretty good week at that! Last week I scored myself a fab wee internship at a PR company in Glasgow and today is my first day, so that’s all very exciting, and then I spent the weekend at a castle in Dunoon with my boyfriend’s family. It’s safe to say I’m feeling a bit more relaxed now and ready to get back to reality.

I adore printed trousers, but I’m not convinced I can pull them off. After seeing Shannon rock these gorgeous printed joggers I’ve become a little bit more tempted to splash out on a pair so headed on to the virtual high street to check out my options. It would appear that I am somewhat attracted to floral patterns, but I think my favourites are actually number 5. There’s certainly lots of options about at the moment, now I just need the time to slip and fall in to the checkout…

Are you a fan of printed trousers or are you planning on steering clear?