TUESDAY TEN: Make Up Revolution


It’s kind of hard to ignore the success of Make Up Revolution at the moment – they are seriously all over the place. I’ve had mixed feelings towards the brand, at first I was all “OH MY GOD I NEED TO TRY ALL OF THIS STUFF AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE” then that kind of fizzled out in to “I wish everyone would just shut up about them” and now I’m currently feeling like I should maybe see what the hype is all about. In the beginning I wasn’t too keen on how everything they released was just a “dupe” of a bigger, more popular product however now that they’ve started to release some more unique and creative products my interest is peaking.

I think that it’s easily said that their palettes are some of their most impressive offerings, however they seem to have some other gems on the website too. After spotting a review of the highlighter (number 2) on Gemma’s blog I’ve become pretty determined to add it to my collection. Despite my original doubts I think I’d be best trying some products out before making a final decision, it’s best to be informed after all!

What do you think of Make Up Revolution?