BEAUTY: My 5 Hair Care Heroes

My hair can be pretty tempestuous at times however at the moment it is more often than not tameable, all down to my current line up of hair care heroes. At the worst of times my hair is very dry, frizzy and on the coarse side so I tend to go for products that offer nourishment, moisture and tame frizz. Occasionally my hair can lie a little flat too, possibly being weighed down by the thickness, so volume is always a plus. 

This has been a staple in my routine for a good few years now, for a while it was replaced by the Umberto Gianni Curl Friends Styling Spray however this seems to have been discontinued so I’ve reverted back to my old favourite. This is a multi-purpose spray for me, I use it when my hairs wet to ensure it dries in to defined, frizz-free curls or I’ll use it when my hairs looking a bit flat to “revive” the curls. 

If this little baby is on offer (like it is just now – £3.30 a pop!) I tend to buy it in bulk. It’s one of the few hair oils that really seems to work for me and leaves my hair feeling really nourished but doesn’t weigh it down. This is a leave in treatment that I use when my hair is wet however there are some other really great products in this range which you can check out here. A bottle lasts me a lifetime so it’s a definite bargain that I can’t get enough of.

Now, if I’m honest this is a pretty naff dry shampoo. It makes my hair quite matted and isn’t the nicest feeling however it adds some serious volume. I was kind of amazed by how much height it added to my hair! It’s not really an everyday product but it’s absolutely perfect for up do’s and “going out” hair. Plus, the volume stays all day so no need to overload on hairspray!

Another little Argan bargain here! I got my first bottle of this at Christmas from my mum and since then I’ve been using it like there’s no tomorrow. For it being such a cheap product I was blown away by how soft it left my hair and it’s made a noticeable difference to the drying time & heat damage my hair can sustain. Like the Avon oil, I really like this whole range, but this is my absolute favourite.

I’ve certainly saved the best for last. This is my one true “holy grail” product when it comes to my hair. Not only is it super cheap but it really works. This leave in conditioner really comes in to it’s own during the summer, if my hair is feeling a bit dry and crispy or I’ve just come out of the pool a quite misting of this really brings it back to life and leaves it feeling lovely and soft. It helps to tame my frizz and hydrate my hair at the same time for just £1.49 – incredible stuff.

What are your hair care heroes?