4 Jul 2014

BEAUTY: Lush Volcano Foot Mask

Volcano foot mask - £6.25 from Lush
Feet are probably my least favourite topic, and definitely not something that I thought I'd be blogging about. However much to my dismay sandal season is upon us and my horrible feet can't hide behind tights and boots any longer!

Step in Volcano, something that I hadn't yet tried from Lush (that's a rarity) and that definitely grabbed my attention. Now I love the fresh face masks from Lush but I had never even heard of the foot mask, so when I spotted it right after buying a pair of chunky sandals from Primark I knew it would be a worthwhile investment.

It's a bit weird to start out with, you smother it all over your feet - as would be expected - and then cover them with some sort of plastic. I tend to opt for good old plastic carrier bags. After ten minutes you rub the mixture in to your feet to fully exfoliate those pesky dry patches then rinse off and voila - beach perfect feet in ten minutes. After use my feet were left silky smooth and so refreshed, which is quite a weird thing to say about feet. I felt seriously pampered and relaxed!

Not many things make me comfortable with having my feet out in the open but this mask works some serious wonders. Gone are my dreaded dry heels, now I just need to master the art of the at home pedicure...

Have you ever tried this mask?

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