21 Jul 2014


I can't say I have the most extensive perfume selection in the world, however I do have a good few favourites as well as an ever growing wish list of fragrances to try. If I'm totally honest, I actually quite like celebrity perfumes as they tend to be on the cheaper side and usually quite nice. Well... to be exact, I really quite like Katy Perry perfumes and my five favourites could easily have been all from her fragrance range but I limited it to two, just because I'm nice like that.

This is probably the most "high end" designer in my collection at the moment, but it was a total bargain for me. Last summer I spotted it for £20 in Boots and I just so happened to have a £20 voucher to spend! I've published a full review here which describes the main notes, but I just think it's such a lovely light perfume with an expected floral scent. I like to save this one for special occasions but I've been reaching for it a fair amount lately.

The first of the two Katy Perry fragrances is Killer Queen, my current every day choice. I bought this when I was in London last year without even smelling it first, but luckily I loved it as you can see in my full review. This one is a bit more "mature" than her first two perfumes so I find it perfect for wearing every day. It's definitely my signature scent, and a total bargain at the moment too.

The second Katy Perry perfume is Meow, which I'd say is my favourite for more nostalgic reasons. Don't get me wrong it smells incredible - just like candyfloss - but this reminds me so much of back when I went to see her California Dreams Tour a few years ago which brings up some of the happier memories from an unhappy year. I've nearly finished this bottle but I already have another box ready and waiting because it's usually on offer or just really cheap to buy.

Technically this perfume is my mum's, but I can't resist having a wee spritz every now and then so will be buying my own bottle at some point in the future. It has a beautiful tropical scent from a combination of coconut, Tahitian flowers & island musk amongst others which makes it perfect for summer. For such a low-cost perfume it has incredible staying power and it's quite strong so only really needs to be applied sparingly. I'd say this is the perfect perfume for taking on holiday, or if you want a really nice scent that wont break the bank!

Never in a million years did I expect to like this perfume, but after receiving a bottle for my birthday a few years ago I've loved it ever since. Again this is a fairly tropical scent with notes of coconut water and Hawaiian hibiscus however I find the strongest notes to be vanilla and berries which give it quite a fruity feel. I haven't tried any of Rihanna's other perfumes but this one is a firm favourite for me and I have quite a stash of bottles ready to be used! If I fancy a bit of a change from Killer Queen I'll just wear this out and about during the day but most of the time I'll wear it if I'm going on a night out but don't want to use Lovestruck.

So that's it, my five favourite perfumes! What would you say your signature scent is?

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  1. I love using Be Jeweled by Vera Wang. I must try more of their perfumes!

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