31 Jul 2014


Tango Ice Blast cocktails // beach in Jersey // enjoying the pool // Pancake Sunday
New running shoes // birthday breakfast // Commonwealth in Glasgow // movie nights
Sunset on my run // staying in a caste // birthday outfit // view in Jersey
me & my mum // sleeping beauty // my awesome new mug // sunshine in Scotland!
July is usually a good month and this year was no different. At the beginning of the month I spent a week in Jersey with my family, then a weekend in a castle in Dunoon with my boyfriend's family, I landed myself a pretty snazzy internship which I'm loving and I actually finally got a job! I've been working like crazy for the past week so I'm shattered and looking forward to a day off on Sunday (hopefully). Oh, and it was my birthday too, but I've mentioned that a lot this week. I'm going out with my friends tonight which I can't wait for, I haven't been out in town for well over a month now so I will certainly be letting my hair down for a night!

August will probably mostly be spent working, as well there being a few birthdays to attend to. I'm in the middle of flat hunting too which is proving stressful but must be done! I'm going to the Edinburgh Book Festival with Hayley to see Patrick Ness which I'm really looking forward too as well.

Playlist: I'm loving Budapest by George Ezra at the moment and have also been listening to Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club a lot too. Katy Perry's latest single is This Is How We Do and the video comes out today, her videos are always amazing so I can't wait to see it! Hopefully it'll be getting a fair amount of air time because I love it.

Share the love: I've not had much time to keep up with my feed, but I've always been making time for Eilidh's posts over at her blog Maisy Meow. Eilidh is absolutely lovely and I adore her sense of style too - definitely one to follow if you don't already.


30 Jul 2014

OOTD: There's nothing wrong with being a dreamer

Dress - Abandon Ship Apparel (old)
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Necklaces - Delilah Dust (feather & quartz)
Something about this dress (technically a top) just doesn't lend itself to photographing and if I'm honest I'm not 100% sure it suits me. I love the print and quality, but the fit just isn't quite right. This was what I wore out for my birthday dinner last night to a local burger joint which was lovely. I've been a few times now and am really impressed, not sure if anyone's in the Kirkintilloch-ish area or surrounding but if you are you should definitely visit the Burger Room and have a Tangotini - you won't regret it.

I had such a lovely day yesterday and am feeling totally spoilt. These lovely necklaces were a gift from the team at my internship and I couldn't wait to wear them, I knew they'd go perfectly with this outfit. Today I'm off shopping to spend some of my birthday pennies then I'm working tonight. I'm not 100% sure if I mentioned it but I started a new job last week and it's been a bit crazy - I've been working every day! It'll be worth it come pay day though.

Hope you're all having a great week. x

29 Jul 2014

LIFE: Turning 19

Totes adorable
It really doesn't feel like I'm now in to my last year of being a teenager, but the day is here and I am officially nineteen years of age (or at least I will be later this afternoon). I probably say this every year but 18 was huge in terms of ~life changing events~ such as starting university, moving out for the first time, passing my driving test etc etc. I've made some amazing friends this year as well as those who've stuck around for yet another year, I couldn't be more grateful for all of the amazing people in my life.

I really don't want to be too soppy so I'm going to stop now. I'm actually working today which is a bit a novelty for me, before now I never even had so much as a day at school that fell on my birthday but it gives me something to do I suppose! Tonight I'm going out for dinner with my family then on Thursday I'm going to dance all night with my friends in town. Life is good.

Seeing as it's my birthday here are a few songs that I'm going to sing all day long:
In Da Club by 50 Cent (obviously) 

28 Jul 2014

RECIPE: Chicken Enchiladas

Ingredients (makes 8)
500g chicken
300ml passata
50ml water
8 corn tortillas - you can usually find these in the world food aisle next to fajita kits, but if not then regular flour tortillas would be fine too!
Chilli powder
Black pepper
Grated cheese

Enchiladas are one of my absolute favourite meals (alongside fajitas which I probably eat more than I should) but I usually opt for the trusty Old El Paso kits. For a little change I decided to have a go at making them without the kit and to be honest they were just as good, if not better, and as easy to make as the kit.

For the sauce mix the passata with the water and add a reasonable helping of cumin, chilli powder & black pepper to your taste. Dice your chicken and brown it in a large pan before adding about half of the sauce mixture and some cheese. Leave this to simmer for a little while so that the sauce thickens slightly. Spoon a small amount of the chicken mixture in to a corn tortilla which you'll then need to roll and place in an oven suitable dish - this part can be pretty messy. Once you have all eight squished in to the dish cover them with the remainder of your sauce and a generous helping of cheese, then stick them in the oven at about 200 degrees for around ten minutes or until the cheese looks sufficiently melted. These are pretty nice served with sour cream!

What would you say your favourite meal is?

24 Jul 2014

BOOKS: What I Read On Holiday

When I'm on holiday I read a lot. This year, we spent a week in Jersey and I finished a grand total of eight new books as well as a few old favourites which has put me firmly back on track for finishing my Goodreads Challenge for 2014! Here's a quick summary of what I read:

This series was first brought to my attention after Kate tweeted about just how good it was, as soon as I saw how cheap they were on Amazon I knew I had to download them. For me they were easily the best books I read in that week. Short and simple this series is quite an easy read in terms of speed, but it is emotionally devastating and I cried for ages. They follow the story of teenage Mia and her family who are involved in a tragic car crash on a wintery day. Definitely worth a read but make sure you have tissues handy!

You're The One That I Want could definitely be classed as your standard holiday chick lit, but it was a pretty heartwarming read and I did really enjoy it. At times it was a little clich├ęd but not overly so, and I found it difficult to put down as it was quite captivating to hear things from three separate points of view. To summarise, this book is about three friends who have been there for each other since the very beginning and how their relationships evolve and progress throughout their lives. Good for by the pool!

Life After Life follows a girl called Ursula as she lives out her life throughout the last century in a world where second chances are commonplace. Now this is a book I did not enjoy. Despite the many awards and acclamations this book has I found it incredibly confusing and kind of frustrating to read. It's long, tedious and repetitive and it never really explains quite what's going on. I think if written slightly differently this book would have had a lot of potential but it fell short of the mark for me.

Bridget Jones is a fairly well known character, and while I enjoy the movies I'm not a big fan of the books. I was kind of gutted about a fairly large plot point (which I will not spoil for anyone who is unaware of it) and I guess I just didn't feel like I could relate to it as I'm still young and haven't been through the struggles of motherhood. To be honest, I was probably still bitter about the big thing that I'm not spoiling but I'm eagerly awaiting the movie instead. Bridget Jones seems to be one of the exceptions to the "book is always better" rule.

Fahrenheit 451 is one of many "modern classics" that has been on my to read list for quite a while as it's another one of those dystopian novels that I just love. At the point of time this book is set books are forbidden as they are seen as the source of all that is wrong with the world. It focuses a fair bit on society's enslavement by the media and how this impacts their lives & relationships. This was quite a short read but one that I really enjoyed. I did feel that it ended slightly abruptly but I was just too engrossed in the storyline to prepare myself for the end.

The Shock Of The Fall follows Matt, a nineteen year old who is suffering with mental health issues, the system of care (or lack of) provided and a fairly large guilty conscience. This was quite a different book for me, and whilst I wasn't blown away or overly moved by the plot itself it provided a valuable insight in to the life of someone struggling with an "invisible illness" such as schizophrenia. Some points were well written but on the whole I found it slightly difficult to read and kind of overhyped. It may be a case of it not being suited to my tastes as others seemed to have enjoyed it, so it could be worth looking in to it yourself and coming to your own conclusions.

I'd wanted to read this for quite a while but after Hayley & I got tickets to see Patrick Ness at the Edinburgh Book Festival I decided it was time to take the plunge and actually read it. Hayley told me that it was best to start this book with an open mind and not do very much research in to the plot beforehand, so that I did and I would recommend that you do to. It's the perfect addition to my ever-growing collection of dystopian favourites and I really, really enjoyed it. It's haunting, nerve-wracking and confusing. In the end, like me, you'll be left wanting more. Read it. Read it now.

What books have you enjoyed recently?

23 Jul 2014

BEAUTY: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick Shade 19

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick - Shade 19
£5.49 from Superdrug & Boots
This is undoubtedly my most worn lipstick, it's my go-to shade and one that I wear nearly every single day. In fact, I actually have three tubes of this at all times. One for my handbag, one for my make up bag and one spare... just in case. Excessive maybe, but I just think this is the perfect shade for me and I'm kind of surprised I've not raved about it more often.

The shade itself is a slightly brownish nude with a splash of pink which makes it one of those great "my lips but better" shades that suits most skin tones. It's not too bold but not understated either. The formula is incredibly creamy, which is one of the reasons I love this product, but boasts great staying power and fantastic pigmentation. The colour is buildable, but usually one coat is perfect and it won't stain your lips. The finish isn't quite matte but I wouldn't call it glossy either, at first it has a slight sheen but this soon fades. When using this lipstick I rarely notice any bleeding or feathering and I find it lasts best with a fine coat of translucent powder in between two coats of product.

Like most of the Rimmel products this lipstick is slightly scented (I find that they smell like melon, but I don't know about anyone else!) so if you're not too keen on the fragrance then it could be something to consider. I for one quite like it but it's not a deal breaker for me anyway. I also find that this lipstick isn't completely transfer resistant, but it does fare quite well in comparison to some other drug store brands.

I really like the other lipsticks from this range too and have quite a collection of them, but this is definitely my favourite of the lot. If you're after a subtle, every day lipstick to finish off your look then I would seriously recommend this shade - it's a great high street product!

What is your go to lipstick shade?

22 Jul 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Make Up Revolution

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -5
6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
It's kind of hard to ignore the success of Make Up Revolution at the moment - they are seriously all over the place. I've had mixed feelings towards the brand, at first I was all "OH MY GOD I NEED TO TRY ALL OF THIS STUFF AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE" then that kind of fizzled out in to "I wish everyone would just shut up about them" and now I'm currently feeling like I should maybe see what the hype is all about. In the beginning I wasn't too keen on how everything they released was just a "dupe" of a bigger, more popular product however now that they've started to release some more unique and creative products my interest is peaking.

I think that it's easily said that their palettes are some of their most impressive offerings, however they seem to have some other gems on the website too. After spotting a review of the highlighter (number 2) on Gemma's blog I've become pretty determined to add it to my collection. Despite my original doubts I think I'd be best trying some products out before making a final decision, it's best to be informed after all!

What do you think of Make Up Revolution?


21 Jul 2014


I can't say I have the most extensive perfume selection in the world, however I do have a good few favourites as well as an ever growing wish list of fragrances to try. If I'm totally honest, I actually quite like celebrity perfumes as they tend to be on the cheaper side and usually quite nice. Well... to be exact, I really quite like Katy Perry perfumes and my five favourites could easily have been all from her fragrance range but I limited it to two, just because I'm nice like that.

This is probably the most "high end" designer in my collection at the moment, but it was a total bargain for me. Last summer I spotted it for £20 in Boots and I just so happened to have a £20 voucher to spend! I've published a full review here which describes the main notes, but I just think it's such a lovely light perfume with an expected floral scent. I like to save this one for special occasions but I've been reaching for it a fair amount lately.

The first of the two Katy Perry fragrances is Killer Queen, my current every day choice. I bought this when I was in London last year without even smelling it first, but luckily I loved it as you can see in my full review. This one is a bit more "mature" than her first two perfumes so I find it perfect for wearing every day. It's definitely my signature scent, and a total bargain at the moment too.

The second Katy Perry perfume is Meow, which I'd say is my favourite for more nostalgic reasons. Don't get me wrong it smells incredible - just like candyfloss - but this reminds me so much of back when I went to see her California Dreams Tour a few years ago which brings up some of the happier memories from an unhappy year. I've nearly finished this bottle but I already have another box ready and waiting because it's usually on offer or just really cheap to buy.

Technically this perfume is my mum's, but I can't resist having a wee spritz every now and then so will be buying my own bottle at some point in the future. It has a beautiful tropical scent from a combination of coconut, Tahitian flowers & island musk amongst others which makes it perfect for summer. For such a low-cost perfume it has incredible staying power and it's quite strong so only really needs to be applied sparingly. I'd say this is the perfect perfume for taking on holiday, or if you want a really nice scent that wont break the bank!

Never in a million years did I expect to like this perfume, but after receiving a bottle for my birthday a few years ago I've loved it ever since. Again this is a fairly tropical scent with notes of coconut water and Hawaiian hibiscus however I find the strongest notes to be vanilla and berries which give it quite a fruity feel. I haven't tried any of Rihanna's other perfumes but this one is a firm favourite for me and I have quite a stash of bottles ready to be used! If I fancy a bit of a change from Killer Queen I'll just wear this out and about during the day but most of the time I'll wear it if I'm going on a night out but don't want to use Lovestruck.

So that's it, my five favourite perfumes! What would you say your signature scent is?

19 Jul 2014

BEAUTY: Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil - £6 (currently reduced to £3.50)
With the recent release of Benefit's They're Real eyeliner I thought I'd share a little affordable gem that's been hanging about in my make up bag for a while now. I find that gel eyeliner formulas offer the most in terms of pigmentation and lasting power, however I hated using the little tiny pots with the awkward brushes when I was in a rush.

Step in Avon's Supershock Gel Eyeliner pencil! Upon first glance it looks deceivingly like your bog standard black kohl eyeliner however this thing really packs a punch. The product itself is a lot softer than your usual pencil liner so will require a fair bit more sharpening than usual, but when you see how easily it glides on that's something that is pretty easy to overlook.

In just one stroke this liner delivers a solid, matte black line which will stick around all day long regardless of what product it is applied on top of. Unlike Benefit's offering I find this has the perfect smooth consistency and doesn't feel powdery over eyeshadow. With my sample of They're Real I felt that it needed a bit of work to heat up the product before applying but that really isn't an issue with this!

Compared to the slightly large price tag of Benefit's They're Real I think the Avon offering is much better value and probably better quality too, as much as I originally liked the look of They're Real I've got mixed feelings towards it whereas I love this product.

How do you feel about gel eyeliners?

18 Jul 2014


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
I'm turning 19 in just over a week (11 days to be precise) and as much as I love birthdays I've kind of been struggling to find things that I would really like, so this is more of a "things that I have wanted to buy for quite a while but am reluctant to spend my pennies on" kind of wish list. For me, the best thing about my birthday is getting to spend time with the people I love doing what I love, which is usually eating.

The biggest thing on this list is undoubtedly the iPad Air, which is an idea I've been toying with for a while. I'm more than happy with my laptop however it is far too bulky to take in to university for lectures, whip out on the bus or watch Netflix comfortably in bed, so I feel like an iPad would come in handy. Obviously it needs a pretty case to keep it safe and at the moment I love this Ted Baker pattern.

My Vans are absolutely knackered after having been worn nearly every single day since my last birthday so I think I'll be investing in a new pair, I love this geometric pattern but I'd be a bit worried about clashing so the classic black pair are probably a safer option... or both, I like both.

Aside from that I thought I'd include a few little beauty bits I've had my eye on as of late. I've been after a proper blending brush for a while and nearly treated myself to the infamous Mac 217 however the Zoeva 227 is apparently a fantastic dupe and a fair bit friendlier to my purse. I'm about to run out of my current tube of Porefessional so I definitely wouldn't turn down a new tube, and Mac "Please Me" would be a very welcome addition to my growing collection. Then we have Alien, which is such a gorgeous perfume but one I have never quite got round to purchasing myself.

Finally, how awesome is that mug?

16 Jul 2014

TRAVEL: 5 things to do in Jersey

A couple of weeks ago I shared a little photo diary from my week in Jersey and asked if you guys would be interested in a few recommendations of places to see on the island - so here we are. We did a fair bit of sightseeing in the week so I thought I would whittle it down to five categories; history, eating (obviously), beaches, shopping & viewpoints. I've picked one thing for each category, but if you're planning a visit in the future and would like more recommendations I'd be more than happy to help!

The war tunnels were probably my favourite attraction of the week, it's difficult not to be overwhelmed by all of the history contained in the mile long underground tunnel. The tunnels were built back around the time of the Second World War and originally used as a hospital for the German troops who occupied the island.

Within the tunnels you learn all about the German occupation of Jersey, how the islanders lived during the war and even how they interacted with the German troops. It's an incredibly interesting experience and is very thought provoking. If you're interested in history this is definitely a place to visit, but be warned that it does get quite cold in the tunnels!

We ended up in Watersplash on a complete whim after spotting it on a hunt for somewhere to eat. This little restaurant is situated bang on the gorgeous beach at St Ouen's Bay and is the perfect place to enjoy great food in the sunshine. The menu has some pretty delicious options (I had the goats cheese & pesto wrap - amazing) and if you're lucky you'll be able to watch some live music on the boulevard. It's a great pit stop whilst sightseeing.

Jersey has its fair share of beautiful beaches but Plemont Bay was by far the best. It's quite a secluded little cove with gorgeous crystal clear water which is perfect for a dip. There's also a really nice cafe for a spot of lunch, they do fantastic waffles. It's a popular beach, probably because of just how gorgeous it is, however it doesn't tend to get too busy. If sunbathing isn't your kind of thing it's also a pretty popular surfing spot when the conditions are right!

St Helier is Jersey's main town with an abundance of restaurants and shops to choose from. The main street, King Street, has a great variety of well known high street stores, independent stores and a few gems that are unique to Jersey... like the Feel Unique shop. Yes, as in Feel Unique the beauty lover's favourite!

St Helier can get quite busy but is definitely worth a visit, even if it's quick. It's also the base for a lot of the touristy attractions and trips, if you don't have a car then buses run to a lot of the main attractions from the centre.

Another thing that Jersey boasts is some incredible views, and one of the best spots to visit for a killer view is undoubtedly The Devil's Hole. The Devil's Hole is a natural crater caused by erosion that has resulted in a massive 200ft drop that spans a staggering 100ft across. The walk down the the viewpoint has beautiful views across to the other Channel Islands and on a very clear day (like we had!) you can just about spot the French coast. At the end of the walk there's also a little pub to recover in - it's not a long walk but on a hot day it can be hard going!



15 Jul 2014

TUESDAY TEN: Printed Trousers

Okay, first of all, I'm sorry I disappeared for a week. Quite frankly I just couldn't be bothered, even when I was on holiday the week before I was still ever so conscious of the work my blog needed and I guess I was feeling a tad burnt out so just decided to give myself a week off. It was a pretty good week at that! Last week I scored myself a fab wee internship at a PR company in Glasgow and today is my first day, so that's all very exciting, and then I spent the weekend at a castle in Dunoon with my boyfriend's family. It's safe to say I'm feeling a bit more relaxed now and ready to get back to reality.

I adore printed trousers, but I'm not convinced I can pull them off. After seeing Shannon rock these gorgeous printed joggers I've become a little bit more tempted to splash out on a pair so headed on to the virtual high street to check out my options. It would appear that I am somewhat attracted to floral patterns, but I think my favourites are actually number 5. There's certainly lots of options about at the moment, now I just need the time to slip and fall in to the checkout...

Are you a fan of printed trousers or are you planning on steering clear?


7 Jul 2014

LIFE: Jersey Photo Diary


There's nothing I love more than visiting a new place, and Jersey was no exception. I'd never visited the Channel Islands before but after spending a week there I'm so glad I did. The island itself is small, with tiny little heart pounding rounds, beautiful views and some incredible history. Luckily for us the weather was beautiful until the day we left so I've come back with something slightly resembling a tan.

I might do a little post about the things I thing you have to do if you visit Jersey - if that's something you'd like to see? But some of my highlights include visiting an abandoned underground war hospital and wandering the tunnels, swimming in a beautiful little beach and eating delicious waffles, having a beautiful view over to France every day and just generally exploring the island.

In the space of a week we pretty much covered the whole island as it's not too big, I'm not sure if I'd go back because I feel like once you've seen it that's it but I would definitely recommend it for a visit!

If you'd like to see a post about which attractions & places I'd recommend visiting let me know.


4 Jul 2014

BEAUTY: Lush Volcano Foot Mask

Volcano foot mask - £6.25 from Lush
Feet are probably my least favourite topic, and definitely not something that I thought I'd be blogging about. However much to my dismay sandal season is upon us and my horrible feet can't hide behind tights and boots any longer!

Step in Volcano, something that I hadn't yet tried from Lush (that's a rarity) and that definitely grabbed my attention. Now I love the fresh face masks from Lush but I had never even heard of the foot mask, so when I spotted it right after buying a pair of chunky sandals from Primark I knew it would be a worthwhile investment.

It's a bit weird to start out with, you smother it all over your feet - as would be expected - and then cover them with some sort of plastic. I tend to opt for good old plastic carrier bags. After ten minutes you rub the mixture in to your feet to fully exfoliate those pesky dry patches then rinse off and voila - beach perfect feet in ten minutes. After use my feet were left silky smooth and so refreshed, which is quite a weird thing to say about feet. I felt seriously pampered and relaxed!

Not many things make me comfortable with having my feet out in the open but this mask works some serious wonders. Gone are my dreaded dry heels, now I just need to master the art of the at home pedicure...

Have you ever tried this mask?

3 Jul 2014

OUTFIT: She's got sunset on her breath now

Top - Miss Selfridge
Shorts - Forever 21
Sandals - Primark
Please ignore my cat capturing a bird in the background of these photos, I only realised after I started editing them... Little monster, so he is.

Since clearing out my wardrobe a while ago I rediscovered some old favourite pieces that I hadn't really worn for a while, so I've been enjoying putting a few new outfits together from what I already had! The struggles of a shopaholic on a student's budget. I can't wait to have some sort of job, but no luck so far! These shorts are one of my favourite pieces, they work perfectly for both daytime & evening plus they were a total bargain. I've worn them so many times since I bought them last year that I've definitely had some pretty good wear value!


2 Jul 2014

BEAUTY: My 5 Hair Care Heroes

My hair can be pretty tempestuous at times however at the moment it is more often than not tameable, all down to my current line up of hair care heroes. At the worst of times my hair is very dry, frizzy and on the coarse side so I tend to go for products that offer nourishment, moisture and tame frizz. Occasionally my hair can lie a little flat too, possibly being weighed down by the thickness, so volume is always a plus. 

This has been a staple in my routine for a good few years now, for a while it was replaced by the Umberto Gianni Curl Friends Styling Spray however this seems to have been discontinued so I've reverted back to my old favourite. This is a multi-purpose spray for me, I use it when my hairs wet to ensure it dries in to defined, frizz-free curls or I'll use it when my hairs looking a bit flat to "revive" the curls. 

If this little baby is on offer (like it is just now - £3.30 a pop!) I tend to buy it in bulk. It's one of the few hair oils that really seems to work for me and leaves my hair feeling really nourished but doesn't weigh it down. This is a leave in treatment that I use when my hair is wet however there are some other really great products in this range which you can check out here. A bottle lasts me a lifetime so it's a definite bargain that I can't get enough of.

Now, if I'm honest this is a pretty naff dry shampoo. It makes my hair quite matted and isn't the nicest feeling however it adds some serious volume. I was kind of amazed by how much height it added to my hair! It's not really an everyday product but it's absolutely perfect for up do's and "going out" hair. Plus, the volume stays all day so no need to overload on hairspray!

Another little Argan bargain here! I got my first bottle of this at Christmas from my mum and since then I've been using it like there's no tomorrow. For it being such a cheap product I was blown away by how soft it left my hair and it's made a noticeable difference to the drying time & heat damage my hair can sustain. Like the Avon oil, I really like this whole range, but this is my absolute favourite.

I've certainly saved the best for last. This is my one true "holy grail" product when it comes to my hair. Not only is it super cheap but it really works. This leave in conditioner really comes in to it's own during the summer, if my hair is feeling a bit dry and crispy or I've just come out of the pool a quite misting of this really brings it back to life and leaves it feeling lovely and soft. It helps to tame my frizz and hydrate my hair at the same time for just £1.49 - incredible stuff.

What are your hair care heroes?
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