16 Jun 2014

OUTFIT: Barefoot on a summer night

Top - Primark
Jeans* - Levi's
Necklace - Primark
Shoes - Miss KG @ Kurt Geiger
I am becoming increasingly fed up of taking outfit photos indoors, but when you have weather as temperamental as Scotland does (that whole four seasons in one day thing is totally true) it can be difficult to find enough time to actually get out in my garden. Some summer this is! Hopefully it will clear up a bit soon.

I mentioned these jeans a couple of weeks ago in my post about the Fashion Face Off at Livingston Designer Outlet and since then they have barely been off my legs. I used to rarely wear jeans as I found the pairs I had uncomfortable and not the most flattering, but all of that has changed since these babies came in to my life. Now, I actually wear jeans out of comfort. Whaaaat! Weird, I know.

Tonight I am going to see The Fault In Our Stars and I don't think I'm emotionally prepared enough yet. I also don't think that Paddy will be ready for the tears that are bound to occur... but I am definitely ready for a massive chocolate milkshake to accompany the film. Aside from that this week will hopefully be quiet-ish. I'm meeting my best friend for a catch up coffee tomorrow but so far that's all I have planned. I've also kind of taken up running (pause for shocked gasps) and I'm really enjoying it. I'm incredibly unfit and I want to change that, so I try to run a little bit every couple of days. At the moment I struggle to run more than 1.5 miles but I can definitely see improvement since I first started! I still eat too much cheese though, some things will never change.

What are you up to this week?


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  1. Love your necklace! I want to see the fault in our stars but I think I want to read the book first, have fun!

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