LIFE: Scottish Independence Part 3

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I haven’t written anything about the referendum for a while now, but it’s coming up pretty fast. It’s a mere 88 days away – which really doesn’t sound like that much at all. It also means that it’s only 89 days until I go to see Still Game at the Hydro but that is a completely different story.

In my last post I said that I was still on the unsure side but leaning more towards a No vote and that hasn’t really changed. Recently I’ve had to deal with a couple of people tell me that I am only leaning towards a no vote “because I’m English”, and as I’ve already mentioned to Morag this infuriates me to no end. Yes, I was born in England and am very proud to say so, but that does not mean that I cannot take an interest in a major issue that will have a massive affect on the country that I now call home. Morag then sent me a link to this blog post written by an English Scot who is voting yes, and believes that ethnic background has no part to play in this debate. The referendum is about the future, not the past.

Anyway, minor rant over. I read this Buzzfeed article, and while it’s not the most trustworthy source for political information the sources quoted in the article are quite interesting reads. Take this report for example, which I tried my best to read in it’s entirety, which discusses some of the key issues such as remaining in the EU, NATO and other valued organisations. It’s a tough read but an interesting one at that.

There was a bit of controversy last week when JK Rowling openly spoke out against the campaign for an independent Scotland (read her full letter here). I personally think she made some incredibly valid points and it would appear that she shares some similar feelings to myself. Whilst the promises made by the Yes campaign sound all well and good, I struggle to believe that they are able to deliver on these. Scotland is an incredible country with exceptional talents but that does not protect us from the same pressures that other countries in the world also face. Like Rowling says, the Yes campaign seems to be in denial of such risks and instead opts to accuse those who bring them up of scaremongering.

Of course such a high class writer can get my own thoughts across better than I could even imagine..

On Friday night I was sitting doing my hair before going out when an article appeared on the news about Alex Salmond’s decision to hire people to calculate the cost of creating an independent nation. I’m not going to lie here, I find it pretty ridiculous that this hasn’t already been figured out. Even more ridiculous is the fact that the official result of the calculation won’t actually be released until after the referendum itself (article here). I think something like this is a key factor in a lot of people’s decision making and I for one don’t trust the sheer lack of preparation that’s become apparent from Salmond.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big supporter of “Devolution Max” or full fiscal autonomy for Scotland (explained here). Basically, should a No vote occur we can still have a sort of “low fat” form of independence. Our powers will be increased and we will essentially have the power of an independent nation but still be able to benefit from the combined powers of the United Kingdom – such as military operations. There’s a long BBC article that probably explains it better here, I recommend giving it a read. The option won’t feature on the ballot paper – which I think may be misleading for some people – however I personally think it’s our best bet.

What are your thoughts on the referendum so far?