29 Jun 2014

FOOD: The Ultimate Japanese Kit Kat Taste Test

A while ago, for some reason or another, my mum decided to buy a box of intriguing Japanese Kit Kats from eBay (seller here). In the interest of science (and obviously only science) my mum, brother and I took it upon ourselves to taste test these sixteen rather interesting flavours and share our findings with the world. I thought it would make a pretty interesting blog post, so here we are.

This Kit Kat was pretty sweet and very orange-y. My brother said it tasted liked orange Starburst but my mum and I weren't too convinced. I found it a bit of a weird combination for a Kit Kat and gave it 5 out of a possible 10, whereas my mum and brother both gave it a 7 meaning an overall score of 19.

We were a bit perplexed by what this one was actually supposed to be, but after some research we think that the "red bean" in question is in fact a kidney bean. Yuck. Not exactly my idea of a chocolate flavour! My mum thought it was similar to the Rum & Raisin flavour however I found it downright disgusting (I'm kind of fussy, that might become quite apparent). I gave it a meagre 1 out of 10, my mum gave it 6 and my brother 5. Overall score 12.

I would just like to make it very clear that I really dislike strawberries. A lot. Most people find this very weird but I just can't stand them. As to be expected this tasted exactly like strawberries which both my mum & brother like enough to score this bar 7 each, whereas I went for 4 - pretty generous for my standards. Overall score 18.

The apple was a bit of a weird one, I thought it tasted exactly like a Special K bar which I quite like. These also have less calories so it's a bit of a no brainer of which to choose there... My mum, brother & I scored it 8, 6 & 4 respectively giving it an overall score of 18.

I had high hopes for the Rum & Raisin as I'm particularly fond of this flavour of ice cream however it was far too artificial and had a slight hint of hairspray - mmmmm delicious! I scored it 6 which is my highest so far, my mum gave it 6 too and my brother gave it 7. Total score 19.

I'm not a big fan of plain green tea so was a bit apprehensive when it came to this one however I was pleasantly surprised. It did have a hint of green tea but was much, much sweeter so on the whole quite nice and I felt it deserved a 7 whereas my mum and brother weren't so keen and only gave it a 5 and a 3. Total score 15.

Roasted tea certainly knocked the first few contenders out of the park, tasting exactly like a good cup of tea. Both my brother and I gave this 8 which is odd considering my brother doesn't like tea and my mum gave it a 6 adding up to a total score of 22!

At first this Kit Kat just tasted like an ordinary dark chocolate Kit Kat, however this soon progressed in to a slightly tingling sensation in the through which wasn't too unpleasant. Aside from that it wasn't really very exciting or flavourful so a bit disappointing. I gave it 6, my mum 7 & my brother 3 giving it a total score of 16.

Another strawberry flavour now, so I knew straight away I wouldn't be a fan and it ended up with a 1 from me. My mum and brother both enjoyed it, finding it very sweet with a strong strawberry flavour. They both scored the Strawberry Cheesecake flavour 7 creating a total score of 15.

This was the only Kit Kat that we were in complete agreement over. It was absolutely disgusting. It scored a unanimous zero leaving it (deservingly) in last place. Ugh.

Another disgusting one here, at least my brother and I thought so. My mum however absolutely loved it and gave it her highest score of 9. My brother and I both gave it zero so it didn't really matter! Total 9.

Now this was my favourite and I gave it a straight up ten out of ten. I love cinnamon and I love white chocolate so I knew from the off that it would be a good contender for Kit Kat champion. It had a strong hint of cinnamon which went perfectly with the white chocolate coating. My mum gave it a score of 7 whereas my fussy brother gave it a tiny 5. Overall score of 22.

I can't say sweet potato is the first thing I'd think of when imagining flavours for chocolate bars however this was actually quite a surprising combination. It was slightly fruity and a bit less sweet than the UK offerings however I did find it quite starchy and dry. It scored 5 from me and 6 from both my mum and brother. Total 17.

Again, another strawberry flavour. For me this was a bit more bearable than the Strawberry Cheesecake and so I gave it a 2. As per usual my mum and brother both enjoyed it giving it a 6 and 7 respectively. Total score 15.

I'd never had anything pumpkin flavoured before this so wasn't too sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by it and we all found it quite similar to a Gold bar. It was slightly fruity and not too sweet. I scored it 6, as did my mum, and my brother gave it 7 resulting in a total score of 19.

The final Kit Kat was nice - but not very exciting. This tasted exactly like a dark chocolate Kit Kat so wasn't really anything new for us. I do love a good Dark Chocolate Kit Kat though so I gave it another 10, my mum gave it 5 and my brother (who hates dark chocolate) gave it 1. Total score of 16!

After the results were tallied we discovered that we had a draw between Roasted Tea and Cinnamon & White Chocolate which both scored 22 points. My favourite was Cinnamon & White Chocolate, my mum's was Wasabi and my brother's was Roasted Tea. Soya Bean came in last place, which wasn't a surprise.

It was pretty cool getting to try all of these new flavours as I'm always jealous of all of the sweets that only other countries seem to get. I can't say I'll be having a soya bean Kit Kat again any time soon but a cinnamon & white chocolate one wouldn't go amiss!

Have you ever tried any interesting confectionery like these? What did you think? I wish we got some more exciting flavours in the UK!

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  1. How strange are some of these flavours?!? Australia has amazing flavoured chocolate, I was out there for 3 weeks a few years ago and ended up eating so many chocolate bars. They had so many gorgeous flavoured chunky kit kats. We're so boring with our chocolate bar flavours in the UK. I get very excited if I spot a new one!

    Chloe x


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