2 Jun 2014

EVENT: Fashion Face Off at Livingston Designer Outlet

Skirt* - Ted Baker
Jumper* - Fred Perry // Necklace* - Marks & Spencer
Shoes* - Nike
Bag* - Claire's Accessories
On Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in the Fashion Face Off at Livingston Designer Outlet alongside some other lovely Scottish bloggers, and I thought I'd share some of the absolute bargains I picked up as part of the challenge!

We were each given £150 to spend in the centre on an outfit for Summer 2014, I decided to go for something girly but casual so opted for a gorgeous watercolour floral skirt from Ted Baker (£59) with a slouchy grey jumper from Fred Perry (£52.50) which I bought a couple of sizes up for a comfy, relaxed fit. Accessories wise I wanted a bit of bling that was still casual and as soon as I saw these amazing Nike Blazers (£21!!!) I knew they would be perfect. To match the shoes I went for a futuristic metallic silver backpack from Claire's Accessories (£4) and a mixed metal snake chain necklace from M&S (£7.50). I love how all of these pieces look together and they're so versatile that I've already planned plenty of other outfits with them, especially the trainers which are my new favourite shoes!

Livingston Designer Outlet will be sharing some more photos and even some video footage (cringe alert!) from the day over on their Facebook page which I can't wait to see and share with you all! I'm actually so surprised by the amazing pieces I managed to get, I'll definitely be heading back there to pick up some more. Am I turning in to one of those people who has a massive collection of Blazers...? At that price probably.

While we were there the Levi's store also kindly let us try out their new Curve ID service in order to find the perfect pair of jeans, and boy did they deliver. Here's a little sneak peek of my pair as they'll be appearing in an outfit post very soon - they're seriously the best fitting and comfiest jeans I've ever worn. So stretchy and they make my bum look gooooood. If I do say so myself that is.

Jeans* - Levi's
Where are you favourite places to grab a bargain?


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