BOOKS: Recently Reading

This summer my missions has been to get back in to reading, and so far I think I’ve been pretty successful. I’m still a bit behind on my Goodreads challenge for this year (you can add me here!) but I’m sure that I can make up the 6 or so books that I’m behind on pretty quickly! Here’s a little run down of what I’ve read in the past week or two:

I bought this book a while back as part of Waterstones’ “Buy One Get One Half Price” deal that they usually have running on their Young Adult section. For some reason, it was relegated to the bottom of the pile and only picked up again when I was unpacking a couple of weeks ago – a few hours later it was finished.

Thirteen Reasons Why explains the seemingly insignificant events that ultimately lead to a girl’s suicide. It’s haunting, thrilling and thought provoking. I was so desperate to follow the trail of the thirteen reasons that I just could not put the book down. It’s one of those books that I just found incredibly beautiful and I think everyone should read.


I’d heard Hayley rave about this book quite a few times and when I noticed that it was a mere £1.54 for the Kindle version I downloaded it straight away. At first I felt it was typical gooey young adult romance but I ended up hooked and I don’t know how.

Anna and the French Kiss is unsurprisingly about a girl named Anna, who has been shipped off to a boarding school in France by her parents and is not very happy about it. Over time she grows to love the city and those who occupy it, in particular a boy by the name of Etienne St. Clair. It’s is kind of cliché at points but it was heart-warming and overall enjoyable. It made me want to visit Paris even more so than I did before!


I would say that Rainbow Rowell is probably my favourite author right now. My obsession started with Eleanor & Park (another £1.50 Kindle bargain right now!) and since then I’ve read all of her published works. She has a new book coming out later this year and I can’t wait!

Fangirl is about Cather (who has a twin sister called Wren, her mum couldn’t be bothered thinking of two names – get it?). The pair have just moved away for university together and are having quite different experiences. Cather writes fan-fiction for a fictional series not too dissimilar to a certain Mr. Potter and is kind of caught up in that world. I think that Rainbow Rowell perfectly illustrates what it’s like to be a bit quieter and a bit more reserved in a world of people who just want to party which I felt I could relate to. Again, another heart-warming tale and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.


You know how sometimes a book has so much potential, but it just ends up being far too clichéd to really make the most of said potential? This book is a fine example of such a case. After reading the blurb I thought this would be a fantastic read but I was pretty disappointed by it.
The Accident is all about the struggles faced by Susan after her daughter Charlotte walks in front of a bus. Weirdly enough, my mum and I share names with the characters! Anyway, Susan’s past is haunted by an abusive ex boyfriend and she seems to suffer from some mental issues as a result of this. This book follows her quest to prove what really happened to her daughter and could have been amazing but just seemed to fall short of the mark for me. The writing felt a bit childish and I think the plot could have been developed more.

Another amazing book by Rainbow Rowell. Attachments follows the lives of three of the workers in a newspaper office, two are best friends and one is a complete stranger who is in charge of reading their emails.
I was so desperate to find out what would happen to these characters, Rainbow Rowell portrayed them in an incredibly likeable way that just forced me to keep reading and reading. The flow was effortless and I think it’s possibly my favourite book by her (if I had to chose one that is!). It was smart, engaging and just plain old enjoyable. If you’re only going to read one book from this selection I would recommend this.

Now I haven’t actually finished this yet, but I’m a decent way through. My mum recommended I read this, and so I started. I kind of wish I’d started it before Galbraith was “outed” as being J.K. Rowling as I feel like I am just judging J.K’s writing style after Harry Potter, which is exactly what she didn’t want. The Cuckoo’s Calling follows a private detective & his secretary as they “fight crime” to put it simply.
So far I’m finding it a little bit waffle-y, with lots of description and not too much plot. I like quite fast paced books that I just can’t put down but I sometimes find this one a tad boring. It’s alright, but nothing amazing so far.

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