BEAUTY: My Morning Skincare Routine

Age Reform Refreshing Cleanser* – £29.00 from Murad

My morning skincare regime is pretty laid back in comparison to the evening routine as I like to savour every second of sleep I can get, so time faffing about in the bathroom with lotions and potions is cut to a minimum in favour of a couple of extra minutes in bed. I first received the Murad cleanser in the goody bag from an event at Zen Lifestyle quite a while ago but it sat in my drawer unused for the longest time. Now, it’s used every day and I’m on to my second tube. It does exactly what it says on the tin providing a refreshing morning cleanse that leaves my skin soft and bright. Plus it smells pretty darn nice. It’s a touch on the pricey side but it takes me so long to get through a tube that I wouldn’t begrudge paying full price, I really think it’s worth it.

Eau Roma Water toner – £3.95 from Lush
Origins GinZing Moisturiser* – £23.00 from Boots

I mentioned the Eau Roma toner from Lush in my evening skincare post and it also makes an appearance in the mornings. Like I said before, I find this toner incredibly soothing for my skin as well as helping to calm any break outs and keep it nicely hydrated. I bought the small bottle just to try it out but I already know that I’ll be investing in the larger one as soon as this is finished.

The Origins GinZing moisturiser was all the rage quite a while ago and I absolutely adored it too. Somehow, I ended up losing my pot when I moved to Aberdeen however I recently rediscovered it in the bottom of a toiletries bag when I was going to visit Brighton. Since then my love has been fully rekindled. It’s a really refreshing product that keeps my skin incredibly hydrated without feeling too heavy or oily. The scent is just beautiful too, so I’m planning on trying out a few more products from the range soon.

What products do you like to use in the morning?