BEAUTY: My Evening Skincare Routine

I think that I’m finally settling in to some sort of “routine” when it comes to skincare. It’s taken a while and lots of trial & error, but now I seem to have a couple of products that just work. From time to time I’ll swap things about, a new toner or moisturiser or I’ll add in a face mask (usually Lush or Avon) in every now and then but for the most part these are my go to’s when bed time crawls around.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – £4.99 in Boots

I have never tried Bioderma, and I doubt I will unless I find it for a ridiculously low price somewhere. I’ve tried other locally available micellar waters such as L’Oreal & Superdrug’s B. range however I found both of them pretty naff and swore off of these nifty little cleansers until I tried Garnier’s release. When it first appeared in stores I wasn’t overly bothered about it but I was in Boots one day (standard) and spotted it for a mere £2.50 – hard to resist. I have to say, it’s impressed me. Like most micellars it’s not sticky or irritating for my skin but somehow magically melts away all traces of my make up, including those pesky waterproof mascaras. This is now the first step in my little routine in order to thoroughly remove my “face”. I don’t often wear a full face of make up but even when I do this manages to clear it all off.

Naturally Radiant Brightening Micro Polish – £4.99 from Superdrug
Grease Lightning spot treatment – £6.25 from Lush

 Now I’ve done a full review of this face scrub which you can find here, and at first I wasn’t too overwhelmed by it. To make sure I wasn’t being too presumptuous I decided to keep using it on a daily basis until I’d finished it and I’m so glad I did. My skin on the whole feels a lot brighter and my dry patches are virtually non existent. I think if my skin was a bit more sensitive this would be way too harsh to use every day so I might phase it down to every couple of days and replace it with a creamier cleanser but for now I just love it.

When it comes to spot treatments I would recommend Grease Lightning in a heartbeat. I bought this at Christmas (full review here) and whenever my skin has a bit of a break out this is the first thing I reach for. It’s one of the most effective treatments I’ve tried and it’s so gentle on the skin which is a massive bonus. I’ve now realised that the price has been upped a tad, but I will absolutely be repurchasing this. Like I said, I’ve had this bottle since Christmas and despite continued use it’s still got a decent amount left (I hope).

Eau Roma Water – £3.95 from Lush
Eucerin Even Brighter night cream* – £23.50 from Escentual

Eau Roma is the latest edition to my skincare line up after I ran out of both my Simple toner and my Breath of Fresh Air at the same time – typical, eh? I was in Lush and in the mood to try something new so picked up the smaller bottle of this. After a few days of using it I went back in and bought one of the bigger bottles for when this runs out. It’s official – I love it. It’s a lovely, gentle toner and really soothes any redness that occurs as well as hydrating my skin.

Finally, I received a little sample of Eucerin’s Even Brighter day & night cream alongside my cleanser and while I find the day cream far too greasy for my skin I can’t get enough of the night cream. It’s super hydrating with just the tiniest amount of product, so while it is a bit more expensive than I would usually go for it would appear to last for ages so I think it would be worth the investment. Paired with the face scrub from Superdrug it’s worked wonders for my dry patches and I find myself stroking my face a lot in the morning. Yup, I said that.

So there you have it, my current evening skincare routine. Would you like to see my morning skincare? I’m not sure as it’s pretty basic… Anyway – what are the staple products in your routine?