BEAUTY: Eucerin DermoPurifyer Cleanser

DermoPurifyer Cleanser by Eucerin* – Escentual

So it’s been just under a month since I posted my first impressions of this cleanser and now that I’ve nearly finished with this bottle I thought it was about time I did a full review. Like I mentioned before, this cleanser is formulated for blemish prone skin (which mine definitely has been recently) and my first thoughts of the product were pretty positive.

Now that my whole “OMG NEW PRODUCT” buzz has died down a bit I’m still loving this cleanser. It’s nothing overly special, but it does what it claims and that makes me happy. Since using this my skin has been considerably clearer and in overall better condition. I find that my dry patches can be a little more obvious when using this however as long as moisturise thoroughly this isn’t an issue.

Now, I’m not sure if I would buy this again, just because I find it quite similar to some of Simple’s offerings which are a bit cheaper. My skin isn’t really that bad on the whole normally – I’ve got the feeling that a stressful month took it’s toll – so I’m not sure if it would really be necessary for me in the future. However saying that, if you do struggle with continually blemish prone skin I’d definitely suggest giving some of Eucerin’s range a go. I’m really loving their “Even Brighter” moisturisers at the moment!