6 May 2014

OOTD: We can stay together till hell starts to freeze

Dress - Cameo Rose @ New Look
Boots - New Look
Oooh look at that, it's an outfit post! First off, let's just ignore the state of my room okay? I've just moved back from university and got a new wardrobe (well, rail) so there are bags all over my floor... I promise it will be nice and tidy soon, mum! I have to go back up to Aberdeen on Saturday to get the rest of my stuff from my flat and then I'm staying for an exam and a night out on Tuesday. After that I'm home for the summer which is pretty crazy. I've got a busy few weeks ahead and I can't wait for some of the amazing things that will be happening (like seeing Katy Perry three times in the space of eight days...).

Anyway, I stumbled across this dress in the sale section of New Look at Braehead after a little trip to Ikea with my mum on Sunday. It's actually an XS but it still looks absolutely gigantic on me, I can't quite tell if it looks like it's meant to be this way or if people will just think I'm incapable of choosing clothes that fit correctly. My boots were also a sale purchase from New Look quite a few years ago, they were reduced from £70 to £35 and they're real leather. I did actually lose these for a while but I recently rediscovered them so they've been making many appearances. I wore this yesterday for a wee day trip to see The Kelpies with my mum and dad and I can safely say that this dress is so comfortable and ideal for hiding my many food babies.

Much to my dismay, my camera battery has died and the charger is in one of the few bags that are still in Aberdeen. I think I have enough photos to get me through to next week blog post wise but if things get a bit quiet over here that is my excuse. After this week I'll basically be blogging full time and I can't wait to be able to spend my time writing and reading!

Have a lovely week. x


  1. Love your shoes omg! Really cute outfit!


  2. Oh my goodness, that dress and boots combo is heavenly - you look lovely!

    Rosie x

  3. I need those shoes! They're gorgeous!

    I have just started my blog up again, hope the blogging community is still as accepting!

  4. I really love those boots! They look really nice with the floral dress! Thanks so much for leaving the link to the 50mm AF S lens. My other half has a 50mm lens that doesn't work on mine so that will be why! I will be saving up for that one from argos! Yeah, my camera definitely doesn't have a flip out screen. I thought the only nikon dslr that has a flip screen is the d5100 but I feel short changed that yours have one and mine doesn't when they are the same model! ha! (Thanks again the for link, Charlotte!) xx

  5. I love the teddy hiding under your bed!

  6. wow, im in love. Guess who will be sharing this with her future roomie!?


  7. Love your outfit! The shoes are absolutely stunning to- want them now haha!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!


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