12 May 2014

OOTD: We are us not you

Playsuit - IKRUSH*
Boots - New Look (915)
I'm not too sure why, but recently I've been avoiding playsuits like the plague. It wasn't entirely intentional, I just couldn't find anything nice that fitted my damn awkward proportions properly! Step in this incredibly affordable little number from IKRUSH and my love has been reignited. It's such a flattering fit and the print is just gorgeous, it reminds me of that Primark tea dress from last year that everyone and their mum was in love with. It's a tiny bit on the short side, as am I, but with really thick tights you don't quite need to worry as much about flashing your pants at passers by in the street. I'm already planning more outfits with this, I'm intending on wearing it to Radio 1's Big Weekend at the end of the month but I just need to find the perfect black kimono - with fringing obviously. Based on the recent weather I'll probably be wearing it with welly boots but that's kind of a given in Scotland. Hurry up summer!

Today I handed in my final bit of coursework for first year, YAY! My last exam is tomorrow afternoon and then I'm freeeeeeee. I'm going on a night out with the girls from my course to celebrate, and I'm thinking I might wear this then too - who knows? Anyway, as of tomorrow evening I am free from coursework for another 4-ish months (wow) and I for one cannot wait.



  1. Oh, this playsuit is lovely!

  2. Nice rail ;) I really like the playsuit, very bright :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. Love the playsuit, the print is gorgeous! Enjoy your post exam celebrations :) xx

    Kirsty at Just Like Heaven

  4. What a lovely outift, those shoes are lush
    love victoriajanex

  5. Love this and not going to lie I thought this was a top at first! So cute and the print is adorable.
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  6. Super darlingly cute playsuit!!



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