30 May 2014


Seeing McBusted again // eating churros with Hayley // Radio 1's Big Weekend
finishing first year // meeting E of E // visiting the Kelpies
course night out // the smallest kitten ever // seeing Katy Perry 3 times in 8 days
How weird is it that June basically means we're half way through the year? This has been a crazy busy month with loads of coursework due at the beginning, and exam in the middle then loads of gigs and social happenings at the end. Highlights included Katy Perry (x3) obvs, meeting a tiny kitten, moving home for summer. On Monday I'm off to Brighton for the week which I can't wait for, I've always wanted to go! We're spending a day in London too doing lots of touristy things - I'm so excited.

Playlist: This month I've been loving Icona Pop's album after seeing them support Katy Perry, so good!
Share the love: In May I've been loving Zoe's blog, she's had some really great content recently such as this post about Eurovision, this one about money & blogging and this incredibly useful one about job hunting in PR, social media etc.

Have a lovely weekend x

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