LIFE: My Five Favourite Free Fashion Apps

Free Fashion Apps
Mr Nutcase custom phone case
Phone case* – Mr Nutcase
I’m quite an app-aholic, I’m rarely off my phone and constantly browsing my varying social networks and other apps. Seeing as I’ve just got a fantastic new custom phone case from Mr Nutcase I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off some of my favourite free fashion apps for my iPhone that is now being hugged by the gorgeous Hugh Laurie.

If you’ve ever wanted your own personal shopper at your beck and call then this is the app for you. Boasting products from top brands such as ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Miss Selfridge this nifty little app sifts through millions of products finding pieces that are perfect additions for your wardrobe.
Closet+ is an app that the more organised fashionistas will love – think Cher Horowitz’s amazing computer based wardrobe system… but in your phone. Just snap some photos of the contents of your wardrobe then you can plan your outfits in the palm of your hand!
Even the most stylish people get a bit stuck for inspiration sometimes, and this is where Today I’m Wearing comes in handy. Hundreds of people upload what they’re wearing every day and is a one stop shop for wardrobe ideas – you can even upload your own outfits too!
Have you seen someone wearing the most gorgeous shoes ever and you can’t find them anywhere? All you need to do is upload a picture to The Hunt and someone will do all the work for you. It’s perfect for when you find those envy-inducing outfits on Tumblr with no details of where to buy, chances are someone else is looking for it too.
If you want to keep up with what’s new on the catwalk, has what you need. Filled with tons of content from the latest shows including reports, videos and street style it’s a one stop shop for a fashion lover. 
What are your favourite apps, fashion or otherwise?