FOOD: Fruitbroo Juicy Iced Tea

Fruitbroo Juicy Iced Tea review
Fruitbroo Juicy Iced Tea* – available online now & in Sainsbury’s as of July
(use discount code “ICEDHALFPRICE” for 50% off online!)

I was introduced to Fruitbroo back in November of last year and my mum & I have been a bit hooked on their hot drinks ever since. Much to my delight they’re now releasing a range of ice teas too – perfect for me seeing as it’s all I seem to drink during the slightly warmer months.

I’ve been trying out the Elderflower & Lime and Peach, Pear & Honey flavours for the past week and it’s officially love. They’re so simple to mix as all you have to do is add water and some ice and you’re good to go. The flavours are a bit more exciting than your standard squash options and they offer the perfect amount of refreshment on a warm day. The Elderflower & Lime flavour is my current favourite as it has the perfect amount of “tang” from the lime which is balanced out by the elderflower. Luckily for me, one bottle makes a whole four litres of tea so will last me a decent period of time.

At the moment the range is only available to buy from Fruitbroo’s online shop but they will be sold in Sainsbury’s as of July – right on time for a hopefully hot summer! If you fancy trying these (and I seriously recommend that you do) you can get them for half price from the Fruitbroo store using the discount code “ICEDHALFPRICE”.

Slightly off topic, but I have some pretty major news that I couldn’t quite resist sharing… Today I’m heading to the McBusted concert at the Hydro (again) but this time I’m interviewing the support band E of E for the student magazine! I can’t quite believe it to be honest, it’s such an amazing opportunity and I am incredibly grateful. Hopefully this will be the first of many interviews. Also I’m going to see Katy Perry on Saturday & Sunday so it’s going to be a pretty awesome weekend all round!

Have a lovely weekend.